Treatment of hemorrhoids during pregnancy

Treatment of hemorrhoids during pregnancy - drugs, folk remedies, prevention, reviews

Hemorrhoids do not just deliver a terrible discomfort to a future mother. He is constantly progressing, causing many troubles. Therefore, it is not only necessary to treat it, but it is still important to start as early as possible.

Treatment of hemorrhoids at an early stage

The onset of the disease usually proceeds asymptomatically, and this is the biggest difficulty. A woman does not even suspect, that trouble began, and therefore does not work. Nevertheless, if you take up prophylaxis, you will be sure that the second stage will not come. After all, at an early stage of inflammation, no medication is needed. It consists of the following:

  • a regular chair. Everything begins from a distance - once they could not go to the toilet, the second, and then realized that constipation had begun. This is one of the ways to inflammation of the hemorrhoids, so in any case, you should not allow the development of constipation. Every pregnant woman should know what to do: follow the diet (exclude flour, fatty, fried, spicy, strong coffee and tea, and make a diet based on whole grains, fruits, vegetables, nuts, fermented milk products) and conduct an active image life, a lot of movement (if there is no contraindication to this). Do not forget about the drinking regime.
  • hygiene of the anus. This is a good rule for all women, but during pregnancy it is especially important. Carry out hygiene of the anus after each act of defecation. If there is no possibility to take a shower or wash yourself at the moment, always carry wet wipes for intimate hygiene or a special wet toilet paper.

These treatments are both preventative and are recommended for all pregnant women.

The second stage of hemorrhoids in pregnant women

But if the hemorrhoids have already made themselves known the manifestation of characteristic symptoms, then you need to act more actively. Modern proctologist doctors treat hemorrhoids in a complex way: from the inside and out.

In addition to the recommendations described above, you most likely someone advise sessile baths with the use of potassium permanganate, chamomile and other antiseptics. This is actually a good method, but only not in the period of bearing a child, because the risk of infection in the vagina is great.

You may need drugs and medications. Usually, these are suppositories, gels, ointments, creams that have laxative, anti-inflammatory, analgesic and vasoconstrictive properties. They are selected in each individual case, taking into account the complexity of the course of the disease and the site of inflammation of the hemorrhoids. And medicines can and should be prescribed only by a doctor! During pregnancy this is doubly important.

Hemorrhoids at a late stage during pregnancy

Very bad, if you allowed the disease to reach the heavy current. It's painful, uncomfortable, unpleasant. Yes there, let's call things by their own names: it's unbearable! And in view of your position, it's also not harmless, because a suffering mother is not the best for a future baby.

At the last stage, hemorrhoids are treated quickly. Do not be discouraged if this happened, but take yourself in hand to do the operation right away, when it's possible. Until the baby is born, surgeons will give the mother a respite. In the meantime, the proctologist will prescribe medications permitted during pregnancy that will help relieve pain symptoms and temporarily reduce the manifestation of the disease.

We want to reassure you: before the operation it actually does not come often. However, you can not turn a blind eye to hemorrhoids during pregnancy. Do not think that this is a temporary phenomenon, it will not pass by itself. But also do not engage in amateur activities. Any action must be agreed with the doctor after the examination.

Be healthy! And let your pregnancy not be overshadowed by such unpleasant things!

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