Treatment of herpes during pregnancy

Symptoms and treatment of herpes during pregnancy

Pregnancy is a favorable period for the activation of herpes. After bearing a child - a stress for a woman, during which the defenses of the body are depleted. Therefore, when planning pregnancy, a woman should undergo a test for herpes and determine the presence of antibodies to the virus. If HSV is found in a pregnant woman with a normal level of antibodies, then the threat to the health of the fetus is minimal, because along with the virus the future child will receive antibodies to it.

It is very dangerous for a child if, after being pregnant, the expectant mother first fell ill with herpes. Due to the lack of antibody in the woman's blood, the virus is able to penetrate the baby's body through the placenta. Primary infection with herpes can easily provoke miscarriage or various malformations of the fetus. Genital herpes is especially dangerous in pregnancy. The disease can provoke the birth of a dead child, or a child with brain damage. If the rash is formed shortly before the birth, then caesarean section can not be avoided, because otherwise there is a high probability of infection of the baby when passing through the birth canal of the mother.

Treating HSV during pregnancy should be extremely cautious and only under the guidance of a doctor.

Antiviral drugs, homeopathic and antiherpetic ointments (acyclovir, borenentol, salicylic-zinc ointment) are used to combat herpes. These drugs can get rid of the manifestations of herpes in a few days. For example, Acyclovir should be applied to the affected areas several times a day. Lubricate the rash with oxolin ointment 2-4 times a day. The course of such procedures should last for five to ten days.

Of the folk remedies, the oil of sea-buckthorn, dog rose, fir oil helps to fight herpes (they are lubricated two or three times a day). The crust is softened with chamomile cream or calendula ointment. It is recommended to drink hot tea with honey or kalina, wiped with sugar.

Some doctors advise eating foods containing amino acid lysine, which significantly inhibits the reproduction of the herpes virus. It is present in fruits, vegetables, chicken. At the same time pregnant women are contraindicated to eat raisins and chocolate. Since these products contain the amino acid arginine, which stimulates the development of the herpes virus. Among other things, a set of procedures is designed to strengthen immunity (a course of vitamins, the use of plant immune stimulants, such as ginseng, eleutherococcus, echinacea).

And most importantly, during pregnancy you need to worry less and get nervous. And for the prevention of herpes do not forget to take care of their immunity, more to walk in the fresh air, to eat food rich in vitamins.

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