Treatment of infertility with herbs

Treatment with herbs for male and female infertility

The cause of the impossibility of conception can be violations in the reproductive system, both women and men. To diagnose "infertility" a woman should after a full examination of a man, making sure that the reason is really not in it.

So, after long torments and attempts to become a mother, many women resort to folk medicine prescriptions. It is known that our grandmothers with the help of herbs got rid of many diseases, including the inability to conceive a child. Why do not we resort to Mother Nature for help? But before we plunge into the world of traditional medicine and know the healing power of medicinal herbs, you should weigh the pros and cons. First you need to consult with a specialist.

Treatment of infertility with medicinal herbs in women

The most effective in the fight against female infertility is considered sage. It consists of hormones of plant origin, in terms of chemical composition similar to the female hormone estrogen. Sage infusion should be taken after the end of menstruation for 11 days. One tablespoon of herbs pour 1 cup of boiling water and insist for about 30 minutes. Take it by 1/3 cup for half an hour before meals three times a day.

Grassgrass is not inferior to other plants in the fight against this disease for the reason that it contributes to the good work of the ovaries. Take 3 tbsp. spoons of spores, fill in 0, 5 liters. boil, insist for about three hours, then strain and take a quarter cup for half an hour before meals four times a day. They say that after treatment sporichom more boys are born.

A very efficient means is also considered a boric uterus. The treatment of this herb is one month. At 200 m of water, you need 10 grams of boron. Pour the herb with boiling water and leave for about 20 minutes. Three times a day you need to use an infusion of 1 tbsp. spoon one hour before a meal.

Treatment of infertility with medicinal herbs in men

A good means of male infertility is a decoction of hawthorn. Pour 2 tablespoons of raw material 400 m boiling water, insist one hour. Strain, take three times a day for 100 ml.

Asian ginseng is also very effective. Even in the old days with his help, men got rid of impotence and infertility. The specialist, the healer or the herbalist should determine your dose of taking the medicine, taking into account the individual characteristics of your body. Ginseng ensures the activation of spermatozoa, improves the hormonal background.

Such a familiar medication, like plantain, also helps to get rid of the disease. Infusion of its seeds can be purchased at the pharmacy or prepared by yourself. To make it at home, take a tablespoon of dried seeds, fill them with plain water (100 grams). Then put it all for half an hour in a warm place. After boiling on a low heat for five minutes. Strain, use one tablespoon three times a day. The course of treatment is two months.

Try to use very large quantities of walnuts. Eat them not only in raw form, but add to baked goods, and sauces, and second courses, in different fillings. In this case, there are not many nuts.

Eat also tea from the flowers of black elderberry. Pour boiling water a tablespoon of raw materials and drink instead of regular tea. Tea of ??leaves and buds of birch and linden is considered to be equally effective for restoring male health. Brew it in a ratio of one to one.

We hope that these Mother Nature recipes will help you more to experience the joy of motherhood and paternity.

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