Treatment of infertility with leeches

Treatment of infertility with leeches

Therapeutic effect of piyavkoterapii

In the process of treatment hirudotherapy, there are several methods of impact of small healers on the human body. The reflex method provides an impact in the reflex points like the method of acupuncture. The mechanical method includes a mechanical effect on the bloodstream, during which prolonged flow of blood is provided at the places of bites. The biological method is characterized by the release of saliva (Gerudine) leeches into the patient's blood. It is known that their saliva contains useful substances. In addition, the saliva of leeches possesses an antibacterial property.

These little healers produce about 46 enzymes that stimulate the human immune system, build up the body's work and have an anti-inflammatory effect. In a word, hirudotherapy has a beneficial effect on the body.

In addition, these little healers come to help women and men with a diagnosis such as infertility. They have a unique property - they improve blood circulation in the pelvic area and promote the resorption of adhesions in women. For men, leech helps increase the number of sperm produced, increases the mobility of male germ cells, activates blood microcirculation.

How is infertility treated by hirudotherapy

Some types of infertility are treatable with leeches. Especially they are effective in inflammatory processes in the small pelvis, after abortions and surgeries.

If a woman chooses the method of conception with IVF, the leeches will also have a positive effect. They will help to pass the protocol more easily, increase the chances of engrafting embryos and get quality eggs.

So, if you decide to treat infertility with hirudotherapy, then you need to know how this process looks.

Leeches should be put by a specialist who has received special training and is aware of where they should be placed. Infertility is treated only by medical leeches. They are grown under special conditions, are fed with blood, which does not contain any viruses. Then they are forced to starve for six months. You can buy them in pharmacies, but when buying, you should pay attention to the availability of a certificate.

Women leeches with infertility put in the lower abdomen, in the labia and in the vagina. In men, to improve the spermogram and in adenoma of the prostate small healers put on the crotch, near the pubis and in the lower abdomen. The doctor also determines their number, as well as the number of sessions.

When preparing for the first session, you should not be afraid. Leech is the most harmless creature. Her bite does not hurt, as the saliva has an analgesic effect. In order for the little doctor to do his job perfectly well, and the effect of the treatment brings the desired result, you should not use perfumed personal hygiene products. An extraneous smell can scare them away. Stock up with ointment or cream from skin irritation. The bite of a leech can provoke skin irritation, burning and itching. The session is planned in the afternoon, since after hirudotherapy, rest and rest are recommended.

There are some contraindications to the use of this method of treatment. With ulcers, anemia, oncological diseases to place leeches is contraindicated. If a person suffers from hypotension (low blood pressure), then they are also not recommended. Excessive blood loss can lead to undesirable results.

If you follow all the recommendations of the attending physician - the positive effect of the treatment will not keep you waiting.

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