Treatment of kidneys during pregnancy

Diagnosis and treatment of kidney pain during pregnancy

But recently many pregnant women began to evoke quite understandable questions the fact that on some packages with kidney tea, contraindications indicate pregnancy. Fear of harming the baby puts the future mother at a dead end: how was kidney tea prescribed during pregnancy, if during the gestation of the child it is not allowed for use?

Doctors explain: today many manufacturers call kidney tea even ordinary renal gathering, which includes herbs, which during pregnancy are really not desirable to use. But the real kidney tea, the threat of neither the baby nor the mother carrying, but helping to alleviate the condition of the pregnant woman - this is a collection in which the plant is an obligatory orthosiphon stamen. It is the leaves of the staminate orthosiphon and are a real kidney tea - an absolutely harmless drug during pregnancy.

Kidney tea in pregnancy is prescribed for the treatment of any diseases associated with the kidneys. In addition, the indication for the use of kidney tea during pregnancy can be the appearance of edema in a pregnant woman - usually in the second half of pregnancy. Kidney tea is a herbal preparation with a diuretic effect: along with urine, toxic substances, excess urea, uric acid, and chlorides are excreted from the body of the pregnant woman. Kidney tea is rich in biologically active components, in addition to diuretic, it also has antimicrobial, anti-inflammatory effect, gently restores kidney function.

Kidney tea based on staminate orthosiphon is considered to be a universal remedy for treating the urinary system during pregnancy. So, kidney tea during pregnancy often becomes a real salvation for future mothers suffering from pyelonephritis, cystitis, urethritis, urolithiasis. And since kidney tea from the leaves of orthosiphon is harmless to the body, it can be used at any time of pregnancy. It is for this that he is appreciated among future mothers, who in the second half of pregnancy begin to "swell." Edema on these terms of pregnancy is often associated with a violation of outflow of urine from the kidneys. With a diuretic effect, kidney tea removes urea, and with it chlorides, uric acid, relieving the pregnant woman from swelling.

Like any other drug, Kidney tea in pregnancy should be taken at own discretion and desire in no case it is impossible - it can be prescribed only by a doctor after a preliminary examination. In this case, you must strictly adhere to the recommended dosage, using tea strictly according to the indications. As a rule, the positive effect provides a very small amount of kidney tea during pregnancy: the contents of the glass are consumed during the day in 3-4 approaches. Improvements in the work of the kidneys, reduction in swelling with the use of kidney tea during pregnancy are often manifested quickly enough, although sometimes it takes a longer time for a positive result. In any case, the course of treatment with renal tea during the bearing of the baby should not exceed one month.

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