Treatment of laryngitis in pregnancy

Than to treat a laryngitis at pregnancy?

Let's figure out what this kind of complication is, and how to fight it against a future mother.

Laryngitis: ways of occurrence

Laryngitis is an inflammation of the mucous membrane of the larynx, and also (in some cases) of the upper trachea (laryngotracheitis). The inflammatory process can cause a viral illness or an unusual effect on the body of certain irritants: cold or warm air, throat overload with loud screaming, dust in the air, cigarette smoke, infections, allergens, etc.

Also, the cause of the disease is mechanical damage to the larynx. This type of ailment is especially dangerous, because it is accompanied by serious complications: acute pain, sore throat, dryness in the oropharynx, hoarseness (until loss of voice), difficulty breathing and terrible cough caused by swelling and narrowing of the glottis. Having discovered similar symptoms, a woman in the position should immediately consult a doctor.

Methods of treatment of laryngitis in pregnancy

In the first place, treatment of this disease should be under strict medical supervision. In the normal course of the disease, quarantine in the hospital is not necessary. However, treatment is necessary, and it can be done at home.

Since during pregnancy it is not desirable to use medicament preparations, the traditional method of combating laryngitis is the traditional medicine. These include:

  • warming foot baths;
  • inhalation;
  • gargling;
  • compresses.

Warming feet baths

Similar baths are needed in order to properly warm your feet. In this way, our grandmothers used to get rid of the common cold. However, during pregnancy, you need to soar the legs only in warm water (40 degrees) with the addition of decoction of herbs, mustard (a little so that there is not a burning sensation), sea salt (or the usual) salt, a handful of soda powder.


A common and simplest method of inhalation is potatoes (the steam that comes from it in a boiled form). But such a primitive method can be replaced by hot water with the addition of essential oil: pine, spruce, fir or eucalyptus. In addition, the water broth is supplemented with various healing herbs, salt and soda. But it is not necessary to carry out the inhalation procedure without medical approval: all the same the disease can be accompanied by temperature, dizziness, nausea. With such clinical course of the disease, inhalations can aggravate the situation. And, in the first place, such treatment can be unfavorably reflected on the health of the child, who is bore by a sick mother.

Healing throat rinsing

Rinsing the throat is best done from the infusions of a medicinal potion. For this purpose, sage, oak bark, chamomile, St. John's wort, calendula, fennel fruits, and roots of lapchatka are perfect.

You can also use a rinse and recipe, consisting of three tablespoons of apple cider vinegar and two tablespoons of honey. These components must be dissolved in one liter of water. Such a mixture for therapeutic rinsing should be used four times a day.

To remove painful sensations at a laryngitis it is possible and sodovo-saline solution. But this method should be treated with caution, because you can "scratch" the already inflamed mucous membrane of the oropharynx or dry it.

Do not forget that gargling with laryngitis is a very important point on the road to recovery, so you need to treat it with special attention and responsibility, especially to pregnant women. Water for this procedure should always be warm, and manipulation should be done regularly after eating.

Compresses to overcome laryngitis

Laryngitis during pregnancy is traditionally treated with a warming compress with the addition of a small amount of vegetable oil. In addition, the bandage, rubbed with soap or impregnated with alcohol, is popular. Also use warm potatoes or heated salt.

Similar compresses should be placed not only on the throat part of the body, but also on the chest. Compressor dressing should consist of a strong fabric (for example, gauze folded in several layers) so that the heated component by which the procedure is performed does not touch the skin of the patient and does not burn. After removing the compress neck should be wrapped in a warm scarf in order to keep the heat.

But do not forget that inside the pregnant woman beats two hearts, and they can not be exposed to danger! Therefore, with laryngitis, examination and consultation of doctors are absolutely necessary. Such a precautionary measure will help to avoid trouble and without a threat to the health of a woman and her baby get rid of an unpleasant illness.

Prevention of laryngitis in pregnancy

In order to avoid the appearance of laryngitis, pregnant women, in the first place, need to more closely monitor their nutritional diet. It should contain a large amount of vitamins and minerals necessary for the normal functioning of the immune system. In addition, the expectant mother should avoid hypothermia, so her wardrobe should have warm clothes, which must be worn in the cool season.

Also, doctors recommend during the pregnancy (and not only) as often as possible walk in the fresh air, go for a walk in the places of a small congestion of people.

If you have symptoms of laryngitis, then do not hesitate to visit a doctor. Responsible implementation of all of its recommendations will help you quickly and without complications to cope with the disease.

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