Treatment of male infertility with folk remedies

How to cure male infertility with folk remedies

The basis of treatment of male infertility

Folk remedies are often based on the principles of general strengthening of male health, normalization and coordination of processes occurring in the body.

It should be noted that all the recommendations of traditional medicine will be unsuccessful, if a man during the treatment does not quit smoking, abuse alcohol. After all, these factors are in most cases the basis for the deterioration of the reproductive function. Harmful habits contribute to the fact that spermatozoa become lethargic and inactive, they are not able to fertilize eggs. Recipes of traditional medicine from male infertility are meant to normalize reproductive function, which is impossible without observing a healthy way of life, normalizing nutrition, observing the working and rest regime.

It is very important that men have a lot of protein during the treatment period. This is lean meat, fish, seafood. They have a beneficial effect on male strength, sperm motility. It is also recommended to enter in the menu such a useful product of beekeeping as honey. It is better to replace it with sugar. Honey acts on the body of a man as an immunostimulant. Also in the menu there should be a lot of greenery. It contains vitamins, minerals that help to strengthen men's health.

Be sure to eat foods, which contain vitamin E. It is in the liver, eggs, green onions and peas, sea-buckthorn, sunflower, corn. It is desirable to enrich the menu and sea cabbage as a source of iodine and iron. As a dessert, men will be very useful walnuts with honey.

Physical activity, fresh air, pleasant emotions are the catalysts of the action of folk remedies for infertility.

Recipes of folk therapy

Folk doctors often use herbs. And one of the best stimulants of male health is Goris. Prepare the infusion of a medicinal plant simply. It is necessary to grind it, a tablespoon of dry raw materials or two fresh ones with a glass of boiling water. To infuse a healing potion should be at least two hours under the lid. After filtration, take infusion recommended to 100 grams three times a day before each meal. The course of treatment with goiter is 35-40 days.

If the problem of a man is in a low activity of spermatozoa, then the tincture of the rape should be used. Thanks to the healing properties, this tool is recommended to men by many urologists. Perga is another bee product that helps men and improves blood circulation. It is used to increase the potency and normalization of reproductive function. By activating the bloodstream, perga increases the motility of spermatozoa.

The homogenate is a larval milk. It is in the treatment of male infertility goes well with Perga. The only thing that can stop using the above mentioned products is an allergy to bee products.

Generally, men and women have sage, basil, hawthorn, roots of cottonwood and ginseng, which strengthen and reproduce fertility. They need to be taken by the standard scheme three times a day, making an infusion of a tablespoon of dry raw material in a glass of boiling water.

But from Adam's root it is better to prepare a decoction. You need two tablespoons of dry raw materials in a crushed form, pour a glass of boiling water, boil 2-3 minutes, allow to stand for 40 minutes, strain and divide into three meals during the day.

Well proven in the treatment of male infertility and decoction of lyubki double leaf. This plant in the people is called the love root. Grind the dry root of the plant into powder. Then a teaspoon stir with a hundred grams of boiled water and eat before each meal. The course of such therapy is 30 days.

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