Treatment of nail fungus during pregnancy

Treatment of nail fungus during pregnancy

Briefly about mycosis

Fungus in most cases is transmitted by contact, that is, from person to person. There are many ways of transferring mycosis. Contact with the fungus can occur in the pool, where it is always warm and humid; gym; public saunas, bathhouses. The defeat of the nails of the legs and hands can immediately not be noticed, because a slight yellowing, stratification, inflammation is perceived by many as a trauma. However, the initial signs of mycosis should be paid attention, because his treatment at an early stage will be more successful. Mycologist (specialist in nail problems) after diagnosis of the disease will prescribe the patient local medications. However, they are often expensive. The use of traditional medicine is a cheap and sparing treatment option for future mothers. However, such treatment will be longer.

On the treatment of nail fungus folk remedies

So, most folk medicine offers the use of herbs, products, tinctures. Here are the effective treatment options:

  1. Mint and salt. It is necessary to prepare fresh leaves of peppermint, crush them to the state of gruel, add sea salt in the proportion of 2: 1. Kashitsu should be applied to the affected nails, to fix, to sustain an hour and a half. Such manipulations must be done several times a day and must be done at night.
  2. Lilac. Of the flowers of a common shrub make a tincture. It is necessary to take 10 grams of fresh raw material, pour 100 grams of alcohol, infuse for 10 days. Strain, use 3-4 times a day for rubbing the affected nails.
  3. Euphorbia. The medicinal plant in the therapy of mycosis is applied in the form of infusion. It is necessary to prepare a bunch of fresh herbs, pour a liter of boiling water, stand for 40 minutes, filter and make a bath. Manipulation of the milk should be done in the morning and in the evening until the problem is completely eliminated.
  4. Kalanchoe. It is used fresh. From the washed leaves of the Kalanchoe prepare the gruel, put it to the sick nails, fix it, stand the hour. Such treatment is recommended to be performed twice a day.
  5. The cocklebur. The leaves of the medicinal plant in fresh form are used in the same way as the Kalanchoe.
  6. Herbal collection. Oak bark, field horsetail, verbena, calendula in equal proportions are mixed in dry form, three tablespoons of the mixture are poured in half a liter of water and boiled for 5 minutes on low heat. Then the broth is cooled to room temperature, filtered. It is used in the form of trays for the affected nails. To increase the effectiveness of the procedure, several drops of iodine can be added to the container with healing liquid.
  7. Propolis alcohol solution. This remedy must be used until full recovery twice a day, lubricating his nails.
  8. Onion juice. In the onions contain special substances - phytoncides. They have a bactericidal property, they kill the fungus. It is recommended to lubricate the freshly prepared onion juice of the affected area.
  9. Garlic. It acts similarly to the onions. Kashitsu from garlic is applied to the nails of the hands or feet twice a day.

Recall that hot foot baths when carrying a baby are prohibited. Procedures should be carried out with warm medicinal fluids.

Medical treatment of fungus during pregnancy

Laser treatment as one of the most effective when carrying a baby is not recommended.

Before applying local remedies against mycosis, you need to prepare your nails. They are first kept in a solution of potassium permanganate. Then fungicidal preparations can be used. These are Clotrimazole, Mikoseptin, Lamisil, Batrafen, Travogen, Mycospores, Nizoral. But even before using these drugs, you need to consult a specialist.

Future moms can use anti-fungal varnishes Batrafen and Loceril for mycosis therapy. It is necessary to strictly observe the scheme of treatment by these means, specified in the instruction.

The treatment with the use of Cytosept, an extract from grapefruit seeds, will also be harmless. It is used twice a day.

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