Treatment of pharyngitis in pregnancy

Treatment of pharyngitis in pregnancy

Which organ disease is involved?

Pharyngitis affects the mucous membrane of the pharynx. He, as a rule, is a symptom or complication of another disease, for example, ARVI. The cause of almost all pharyngitis, both acute and chronic, is infection.

Pharyngitis can be caused by:

  • viruses;
  • bacteria;
  • fungi;
  • Allergy;
  • injuries;
  • irritating factors (for example, hot liquid, acid, alkali, etc.).

Patients with pharyngitis feel perspiration, dryness, swelling, sore throat, and in some cases, a rise in body temperature.

How to deal with pharyngitis?

Carrying out treatment of pharyngitis, several rules must be observed. The main ones are: providing the patient with a throat of rest (so as not to strain the voice apparatus, try not to talk, but, if necessary, do it seldom and in a whisper), periodic rinsing of the throat, taking necessary preparations. Very useful in this case is a warm abundant drink. Note: not cold and, in no case, not hot. For drinking it is better to use alkaline (milk, mineral water without gas), as well as vitamin-containing drinks (cranberry juice, tea with lemon). From the diet should be excluded from sharp, salty, smoked dishes.

To gargle the throat will suit infusions and herbal medicinal herbs: chamomile, calendula, plantain, sage. You can buy ready-made tinctures, which need to be diluted with water. It can be Rotokan, Romazulan and others. Besides, for rinsing a solution of furacilin is used. Not bad coping with the task of aerosols and sprays, for example, Geksoral. The people "walk" the opinion that with pharyngitis, effectively rinse with saline solution, which is added with soda or iodine. This can not be done categorically! This recipe is suitable for purulent sore throat, but not even for pharyngitis, in which this composition will cause a strong irritation of an already damaged mucosa.

Today the pharmaceutical market offers a huge selection of various lollipops that help with pharyngitis. These include Sebidin, Strepsils, Faringosept. Women who are expecting a child are contraindicated by Falimint, Septotelet, Strepsils-plus. True, it should be noted that lozenges and candies are effective only for mild forms of the disease.

As a rule, The pharyngitis temperature is insignificant and rarely exceeds 38?. C. It became the reason that the temperature is trying not to knock down. In very rare cases, considering the condition of a pregnant woman, to lower the temperature, use Efferalgan, Kalpol or another drug based on Paracetamol.

Do not forget that the treatment of pharyngitis in pregnancy, though uncomplicated, requires the supervision of a doctor.

Is it possible to treat pharyngitis with folk methods?

Within reason, you can. For this, rinse with fresh potato juice, inhalation with potato steam or fir cone steam, prepare medicines based on garlic and honey, and lubricate tonsils with propolis infusion. Excellent in the fight against pharyngitis, fruits and leaves of blackberries. They can be taken orally and gargle with a decoction.

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