Turnip during pregnancy

Turnip during pregnancy

Benefits and harm of turnip during pregnancy

This vegetable is full of vitamins, minerals and other interesting substances. The root crop contains pro-vitamin A and B2, vitamins PP and C, B1 and B5. It also contains a sterol - a substance that is used in medicines to treat atherosclerosis. The turnip also includes glucoraphanin, which has antidiabetic effect; Sera, which has a disinfecting effect on blood; cellulose, Activating peristalsis of the intestine and beneficially affecting the digestive system as a whole.

In turnip, there are such important for a pregnant woman microelements, like copper and manganese, phosphorus and iodine. In addition, the turnip is a lot of fiber, which gives the satiety of the dishes from it. And it is very useful for pregnant women for stable weight, because the caloric content of the product is only 300 kilocalories per 100 grams.

Juice turnips will serve as a good anti-inflammatory and analgesic, diuretic and healing agent in pregnancy. It can be used as an expectorant for colds.

As for the harm of this vegetable, it is not recommended to use it for food with cholecystitis, diseases of the central nervous system.

With caution, use the vegetable in the menu should be when the pregnant woman has problems with the kidneys. Do not use it at night because of the diuretic effect.

Possible use of turnip during pregnancy

Turnip turnip is a good analgesic for toothache in pregnant women. To prepare such a remedy take one small turnip, grind and pour a glass of water. Then boil for 5 minutes and a warm broth rinse your mouth.

The soothing properties of such a decoction make it possible to apply it even in sleep disorders in expectant mothers. To do this, you need to drink two hours before sleeping 100 grams of broth with honey. Let's notice, that at problems with kidneys at the future mum it is better to not use such sleeping pills.

Juice turnips help with colds. To do this, you need to grind the vegetable, squeeze the juice and use it 100 grams several times a day. No less useful for strengthening the immunity of a cold woman will be a raw turnip. You just need to peel the root, cut into pieces and consume it throughout the day. In case of illness, the body weakens and can not cope with heavy food, and turnip - just the vegetable that will fill the stomach, and supply vitamins, and the stomach will not make heavier.

A expectorant properties of the vegetable for colds future mothers use so. For the night in the turnip should make a deepening and put a spoonful of honey. In the morning, honey is already saturated with medicinal substances, and it can be consumed. Every evening, you should take a fresh turnip and put honey in it. It will be useful for pregnancy to use external turnips as a means to treat the skin. For example, with frostbites and injuries of the skin of the future mother, ointment from turnip will also help. To make it, you need one vegetable, which must be twisted in a meat grinder and combined with goose fat in the amount of 100 grams. The composition should be heated in the oven for 4-5 hours. Allow to cool and transfer to a glass container. You can store such ointment in the refrigerator for six months. Apply it to the affected areas of the skin until they are fully restored. After staying in a strong frost this ointment can simply lubricate the face.

So, in the moneybox of the experience of the future mom, turnip will become a useful and satisfying food product, a simple and affordable remedy.

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