Ultrasonic cleaning of teeth during pregnancy

Can I do ultrasonic teeth cleaning for pregnant women?

What is the manipulation

This is the removal of plaque in the form of plaque and stone using ultrasound. Plaque is the precursor of the occurrence of calculus, which gradually disrupts the circulation in the mouth, causes caries, periodontitis, and sometimes gum abscess. And still tartar as a result of hardening of food remains unpleasant smells. And from this smell it is impossible to get rid by means of usual cleaning of a teeth. Ultrasonic cleaning removes odor along with the stone. It brightens the enamel, refreshes the breath. After this manipulation, patients say they feel a pleasant update in their mouths.

Professional ultrasonic cleaning is carried out by a special apparatus - skeler. And although many patients are afraid of her, but still, after deciding to try for the first time, they always remain happy with the result and are convinced that this is absolutely painless. The procedure is non-invasive, that is carried out without cuts and drilling. It is carried out by special soda, which under the water pressure and with the help of oscillatory movements destroys the deposits on the teeth.

Timely ultrasonic cleaning prevents many dental problems, and therefore reduces the number of trips to the dentist.

Sometimes this manipulation is confused with whitening chewing organs. The latter just can damage the teeth if the procedure is carried out by an inexperienced specialist or the patient too often resorts to it, wanting to get white teeth. Ultrasonic cleaning, in contrast to whitening, does not significantly change the color of the teeth, but only slightly brightens up due to the removal of unnecessary deposits.

To whom manipulation is contraindicated

Despite the harmlessness and painlessness, this procedure is not shown to all people. It is forbidden to carry out if a person has dental implants and hypersensitivity of the teeth. Cardiac arrhythmia, bronchial asthma, tuberculosis, HIV, hepatitis - are also taboo for carrying out this type of cleansing. It is undesirable to spend it with a change in bite, that is, in adolescence and childhood. Children do manual cleaning with special dental instruments.

Ultrasonic cleaning and bearing of the baby

As we see, pregnancy is not a contraindication to such a hygienic procedure. And although many women claim that any modern manipulations are harmful to expectant mothers, they can not treat their teeth, but in this case they are mistaken. We do not live in the Stone Age and we perfectly understand that we must only believe in the statements and arguments of specialists. If they believe that the need for ultrasonic cleaning is justified, then you can safely do it. After all, this is a kind of prevention of caries. And it is known that it is during pregnancy that such a dental disease progresses, because women do not have enough calcium, phosphorus, silicon.

Practice of obstetrics and gynecology states that oral diseases can adversely affect the health of the fetus. Therefore, in the absence of contraindications to this manipulation, future moms without fear can go to the dentist and brush their teeth with ultrasound.

Another argument in favor of such a cleansing for future mothers is the weakening of the gums. When they are pregnant, they become softer and friable, they get food. And this is a favorable environment for the reproduction of bacteria.

Of course, many women are afraid of pain, especially in this situation. Although the procedure, rather, causes discomfort, rather than pain syndrome. But in this case, the dentist can first anesthetize, using the most harmless anesthesia.

Dentists recommend future mothers not to postpone the procedure for the last trimester. It is better to do it in the second.

It is also necessary to follow a special diet after manipulation. It is a question of temporary restriction of the use of coloring products; more thorough hygiene; constant use of toothpicks.

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