Ultrasound at 20 weeks of gestation

Ultrasound at the 20 th week of pregnancy - how and for what is carried out, decoding and norms

What is ultrasound used for at the 20th week of pregnancy?

During the second ultrasound, the specialist receives maximum information about the state of health of the future mother and the development of her baby. This study, which is also called "morphological," is very important. It is carried out in order to see most of the structures of the developing fetus and most of the malformations and defects. It is now possible to finally determine whether the child has any developmental defects or unfavorable diagnoses. Therefore, do not miss this survey.

In the ultrasound study at the 20th week of pregnancy, the specialist determines the fit of the fetus to its timing. It is very important to compare the body weight, the length of the limbs, the size of the internal organs. Now it is important to assess the condition of the placenta and amniotic fluid. But, as noted above, the main goal of ultrasound at this time - the identification of various pathologies of fetal development. In the case of identified severe untreatable malformations, a woman has the right to decide whether to leave her child or not. Sometimes after the ultrasound results, doctors are strongly advised to have an abortion because the fetus has very little chance of life or is severely disabled. In particular, we are talking about situations where the existence of a child is impossible without the maintenance of its vital functions by drugs or special equipment.

Due to the fact that ultrasound at the 20th week of pregnancy can show various diseases, obstetrician-gynecologists have the opportunity to prepare for childbirth and provide qualified assistance to such newborns. Firstly, this applies to children with identified malformations of the central nervous system, renal disorders, cardiopathy. It happens that the doctor doubts the correctness of the diagnosis based on the results of ultrasound. Then he will appoint another study, which will have to be done in a week. This will allow to assess the condition of the fetus in dynamics, to see which way is worse or better - it changes.

What can I learn about a child during ultrasound at the 20th week of pregnancy?

During the study, the doctor will tell you that on the 20th week the fetus is actively developing, the basic parameters of the bone structure are laid on it. And in general - this is a copy of an adult - with hairs and nails. The weight of the crumbs is really tiny - about 300 grams. The body length is about 18 centimeters. At this time, the skin of the baby thickens. It becomes four-layered.

Having listened to the heartbeat of the child, the doctor will check its rhythm and frequency. Normally, during this period of development, the fetal heart should beat at a frequency of 120-160 beats per minute.

The baby in 20 weeks actively moves, which is immediately visible when ultrasound. At this time many future parents make the first photos of their little daughter or little son, who later will occupy a place of honor in the family album. To date, almost every clinic has a video recording service, when after the study the woman is given a disc with a video recording of this ultrasound. Often at this stage of development during the ultrasound examination, the monitor can capture a wonderful picture: the baby grasps a small handle for the cord or pushes the finger to his mouth. In some cases, one can observe the child's facial expressions.

Determining the sex of the baby during ultrasound at week 20 of pregnancy

Right now you can clearly identify the sex of the child, because after the first ultrasound, few people will be able to brag of such information. As a rule, the exact definition of the sex of the unborn child is possible in 95% of cases. In 5% of all cases, visualization of the genitalia of the baby is difficult (shifted or crossed legs of the child, getting the cord between the legs, a small penis in the boy, and so on). Some couples who were unable to give accurate information about the future child's field at the 20th week of pregnancy are trying to conduct a three-dimensional ultrasound study in the hope that it will give a better picture and a mystery, nevertheless, it will be revealed. Nevertheless, experts do not advise for this information to go to a three-dimensional ultrasound. The fact is that the acquisition of images on 3D-ultrasound is possible in the case of reconstruction of images obtained with a two-dimensional study. In simple words, if the sex of the baby was not visible in normal ultrasound, then with a three-dimensional miracle will not happen.

Is ultrasound dangerous at week 20?

Today, it is often possible to find information about the allegedly harmful effect of ultrasound on a developing fetus. For these reasons, some pregnant mothers (especially those who are deeply religious women) refuse to conduct ultrasound at all terms of pregnancy. This is fraught with the fact that any pathologies in the development of the fetus will be unknown to either mom or her obstetrician-gynecologist, which can lead to serious unpleasant consequences. Not done timely examination may threaten that the future mother will miss the chance to help her child, correcting her lifestyle, nutrition, treatment with her doctor. And the duty of every mother is to help and protect the very dearest person in the world - a baby. Moreover, it has been repeatedly proved: ultrasonic waves do not have any harmful influence on the child. And the information that during the ultrasound the child feels about what we would feel if we lay down on a passing train is an obvious exaggeration. Therefore, do not get hung up, but it's better to go through all the procedures and examinations on time, no matter what week of pregnancy they are appointed. And then the outcome will be the best.

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