Ultrasound at 22 weeks of gestation

Ultrasound at the 22nd week of pregnancy - how and for what is carried out, decoding and norms

The need for ultrasound

The period of 20-22 weeks for a second planned ultrasound is not accidental. At this time, it is possible to diagnose some pathologies of child development, and if there is a need, correct the problems. And although there is an opinion that doing ultrasound three times during pregnancy is harmful, but, nevertheless, it is necessary to make sure that the pregnancy is normal. Such surveys are necessary for your own peace of mind.

The first ultrasound at a period of 10-12 weeks determines the future date of delivery and diagnoses possible chromosomal diseases. Based on the data of the first ultrasound, the gynecologist plans the tactics of managing pregnancy in the future.

    In 20 weeks of pregnancy, such organs are looked at by ultrasound:

    • The dimensions of all parts of the child's body. By these dimensions, the term of pregnancy is specified. Sometimes the dimensions can be asymmetric. For example, the head circumference shows 23 weeks gestation period, and the abdomen corresponds to 22 weeks. With such indicators, the doctor concludes that there is an insignificant delay in the development of the child. If the developmental delay is more than 2 weeks, then it may be necessary to have an ultrasound from another specialist to clarify the diagnosis. At this time the weight of the fetus is about 250-300 g, length 16-18 cm.
    • Congenital malformations of the child. In the study of the brain, liver, lungs and other organs, it is possible to identify, for example, heart disease, brain pathologies and internal organs.
    • The placenta. The umbilical cord is usually not attached to the baby during the second trimester. But the doctor after ultrasound records the number of vessels in the umbilical cord. On the second ultrasound also determine the location of the placenta, find out on which wall of the uterus it is located. Perhaps, according to this indicator, delivery by cesarean section will be prescribed.

    The maturity of the placenta is also determined. Her premature ripening is fraught with a decrease in the supply of the baby with oxygen and the necessary substances. The mismatch of the placenta with conventional norms is a signal of the inflammatory process in it. This is the result of infection. Then they also prescribe additional research - dopplerography.

    • Amblerous waters. Ultrasound determines their number. If there is not enough water, then this may be a symptom of hypotrophy, an intrauterine infection. Polyhydramnios testify to the possible diabetes mellitus of a future mother. Excessive stretching of the fetal bladder can cause premature drainage of water and weak generic activity.
    • Cervix. Ultrasound accurately determines the length of the neck. This indicator is important for the diagnosis of ICI, an assessment of the possible risks of self-abortion and premature birth. Pathological is the length of the cervix less than 2, 5 cm.

    A boy or a girl?

    Ultrasound at the 22nd week of pregnancy helps the doctor to more accurately determine the expected term of labor, diagnose multiple pregnancies and most importantly for parents - to determine exactly whether a son or daughter will be born.

    Sometimes ultrasound at this time diagnoses pathologies, which are an indication for abortion. Namely: the disability of the child, the lack of a handle or legs, other complex pathologies, the consequence of which the existence of the baby will be possible only with the support of special equipment or medicines.

    That's why the second planned ultrasound is important for all pregnant women.

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