Ultrasound does not show pregnancy

Ultrasound does not show pregnancy, but the test is positive

Usually, when we are talking about the confirmation of pregnancy, we recommend not only to repeat the test in a few days, but for the sake of confidence, also undergo an ultrasound that will reveal the fetal egg and its location, if the conception took place. But even for such a diagnosis you can not always hope. And as practice shows, such cases are not at all a rarity! You will find in the network a lot of stories about how on the 8th, 11th and even 13th week of pregnancy, the Uzista did not see the developing fetus. And this despite the fact that on such terms the baby, at least, already beats heart. The girls say that they safely endured and gave birth to their children. But many of them were sent to abortion because of suspicions of ectopic pregnancy.

It is regrettable to admit this, but because of such mistakes, not one child's life ends. Of course, there are any, a fetal egg in reality can not reach the uterus or die. But before you make such a verdict, you need to check everything!

Why does not ultrasound show pregnancy?

Modern equipment greatly facilitates the diagnosis and management of pregnancy. With the advent of ultrasound machines, it became easier to live with gynecologists and their wards. However, technology can also be mistaken, especially since man controls it.

Modern ultrasound is a highly reliable method of diagnosing pregnancy. But 100% can not be sure of anything. The result of ultrasound depends largely on the qualifications and experience of the specialist. Often, pregnancy is taken for uterine fibroids or does not see anything at all, while the fetus has been over a month and even two.

Old equipment can also be the cause of the error. Such a device is not able to discern a fetal egg at an early pregnancy. In general, the time at which ultrasound is performed is of great importance in terms of diagnosis. Doctors say that before 10 days of delay there is no point in going for ultrasound, although pregnancy can often be determined earlier. But in general, too little time in most cases is the reason that ultrasound does not show pregnancy. You can not see the developing fetal egg when the uterus of a woman has a special physiological structure or shape. In women with such anatomical features, pregnancy is seen at a later date.

What if the ultrasound does not show pregnancy?

Do not trust anyone! However hard it is, do not tune in to anything! Because everything is possible indeed: both the absence of pregnancy, and the error in carrying out ultrasound. In no case do not agree to cleaning, if the assumption of frozen or ectopic pregnancy remains at the level of guesswork. Remember that ultrasound is far from the only and not the most informative method of diagnosing pregnancy. Do at least 1-2 more ultrasound on other devices and other professionals, and for greater confidence - transaginal. And best of all, donate blood to the level of hCG - this analysis will be the most truthful. But even he does not trust 100%, because people work in laboratories too, which, as life shows, very often make mistakes. And so that they do not become fatal, they should always be rechecked.

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