Ultrasound in early pregnancy

Ultrasound in early pregnancy

Perhaps, we should first of all remember: almost harmless can only be that in moderation. And it means that ultrasound can be unsafe if you abuse this diagnostic method throughout your pregnancy. Meanwhile, with a reasonable and competent from the medical point of view, the ultrasound approach can be taken advantage of, especially in the early stages of pregnancy. About this and talk today.

On what terms of pregnancy do ultrasound?

So, if you are pregnant - get ready for the fact that you can not do without ultrasound. At least three times you will have to visit an echoscopist. The first visit, more likely, will be caused by that you with its help confirm or deny presence of pregnancy.

In addition, the doctor will determine the place of fixation of the fetal egg, its "age" (establish the gestation period) and assess the conditions of its development: the condition of the amniotic fluid, the uterine epithelium.

The first planned (that is, carried out in time, beforehand set by doctors) ultrasound, as a rule, is carried out at 10-12 weeks of pregnancy. However, if a woman or a doctor suspects the development of any pathology (for example, an ectopic or frozen pregnancy), ultrasound can be performed earlier. Modern gynecologists and midwives recommend that the first ultrasound be performed immediately if there is a suspicion of pregnancy or after confirming this fact by the results of a gynecological examination on the chair. Usually, this happens at 3-4 weeks of pregnancy. In this case, the next ultrasound will be carried out according to the plan - at 10-12 weeks. At these dates, the fetus is mature enough to allow the specialist to assess his condition and development rates, to confirm that the pregnancy is developing safely and the future baby is not threatened.

During pregnancy, a woman will definitely be sent to ultrasound two more times: at the period of 20-22 weeks of pregnancy and shortly before birth - at 30-32 weeks of pregnancy. The second ultrasound is remarkable in that it is often at this time that it is possible to consider the sex of the child well, and also to suspect or exclude the presence of serious pathologies in the development of the fetus. The last third ultrasound will give a definitive conclusion about the location of the placenta and the method of presentation of the fetus - this will determine the decision by which method (through natural delivery or by cesarean section operation) the delivery will take place. Also on this ultrasound the doctor will look, how the kid feels, whether it is healthy, in what condition the amniotic fluid and the cervix are located - all this is very important.

If pregnancy progresses safely and there are no risks for a future mother or child, then three planned ultrasound will be enough to monitor pregnancy. But in some cases, you may need more visits to the ultrasound study. Do not worry about the potential harm: the ability to control the fetus significantly outweigh the benefits of ultrasound, rather than the harm from the quantitative indicator of these procedures. However, this statement is valid only in relation to ultrasound, conducted off-schedule for specific indications, and not "just in case", for reinsurance.

Why do ultrasound in early pregnancy

In modern medical practice, there are two types of ultrasound: through the abdominal wall and the transvaginal method. The latter uses a vaginal sensor. The results of the survey in this way are more accurate and reliable. At early pregnancy, you should drink 500 ml of liquid 2 hours before the procedure.

So, let's try to figure out what benefits ultrasound brings in the early stages of pregnancy. Doctors do not just send their pregnant patients to the ultrasound diagnosis. Even if you have various fears and fears about such an impact in the period of bearing a child, it is still impossible to recognize the benefits of ultrasound. The advantages of such an investigation are obvious:

  1. With the help of ultrasound, pregnancy is determined. Already at 3-4 weeks in the uterine cavity, you can consider a fetal egg. It is this period that is considered safe for ultrasound.
  2. Ectopic pregnancy. Thanks to an early examination, it is possible to eliminate ectopic pregnancy at the safest possible time.
  3. Imitation of pregnancy. Sometimes a woman has a delay in menstruation, and pregnancy is not found. Ultrasound helps to find out the cause of menstrual irregularity. Ovarian cysts and uterine fibroids can mimic pregnancy.
  4. The duration of pregnancy. The coccyx-parietal size of the embryo is measured. Due to this, it is possible to determine the term of pregnancy as precisely as possible.
  5. The number of fruits. Already in the first weeks of pregnancy, you can double or even triple your joy, because with the help of ultrasound you will know how many fruits you will have to bear. Embryos will be clearly defined from the 6th week.
  6. The beginning of a new life. On the 3rd week after conception, the heart of your future baby begins to contract. This is clearly recorded on the monitor screen. Thanks to ultrasound, we can trace the viability of the embryo.
  7. Threat of miscarriage. It is ultrasonography that will warn you about the excessive tension of the uterine muscle. But do not panic if you put such a common diagnosis - hypertension of the uterus. One ultrasound is not enough to say with certainty: a miscarriage will occur. If, together with the ultrasound diagnosis, you are concerned about the pain in the lower abdomen, there are bloody discharge - you should seek help from a specialist.
  8. "Dead pregnancy". It happens that there is no pain, no bloody discharge, and ultrasound results show that the embryo has no signs of vital activity. "Frozen pregnancy" is a failed miscarriage. In this case, surgical intervention is necessary.

But let's not talk about the bad! Believe that the examination in the ultrasound study will be the most vivid memory. After all - this is the first meeting with your baby. And the very first photo shoot. After a few years you will show your child how beautiful he was in the first days of his life! And let no one and does not understand what is visible in this photo - you will know that this is your precious fruit of love! The most beautiful in the world!

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