Underwear for pregnant women

What should be worn for pregnant women?

By the way, the choice of underwear during pregnancy is not a minor matter. This is important in terms of the health of the future mother - once, and in terms of her well-being and good mood - two. And that's practically all! Perhaps, it is worth talking about this in more detail & hellip;

Great Opportunities

There are various models of panties intended for wearing during pregnancy. Each of them has its own distinctive features and is created to perform certain functions.

So, small panties under the belly are great for wearing in the warm and hot season. They are usually sewn from thin fabrics. There are even thongs for pregnant women, although gynecologists recommend all the same to refuse to wear such a model for the period of pregnancy.

In maxi panties, the front wall is significantly higher than the rear and is designed to take into account the growing pussy. Such models usually have elastic bets at the sides and at the waist, and there are also models with a locking strap, which makes it possible to perfectly customize them for themselves. Maxi panties are especially comfortable on late pregnancy, when the tummy needs support.

Panties for pregnant women can differ depending on wearing at different times of the year (in summer - small and thin, in winter - high and warm) and even in different trimesters of pregnancy - for small pusies and large tummies.

Absolutely all models have a special cut considering the physiological characteristics of the woman during this period. They are designed for the fact that the tummy grows daily, and the skin and intimate places become more sensitive. Correctly selected panties do not slip, do not slip and do not twist, do not press and do not press, they are comfortable and very comfortable, which is extremely important.

High demands

So, the main requirement for panties for pregnant women is convenience, practicality and comfort. You should have a feeling that you are completely without underwear: no squeezing, no need to prick or scratch anywhere. The elastic on such panties is not felt, you should be in them equally conveniently both during rest, and during movement.

However, quality is not less important. Panties for pregnant women should be sewn only from natural fabrics! Knitwear, linen inserts, but not synthetic. Synthetic panties "do not breathe," and this is simply necessary. They cause intertrigo, itching, irritation. Wearing synthetic panties is especially contraindicated for pregnant women suffering from thrush, dysbiosis, allergies, skin diseases.

So, lovely pregnant women, always pay attention to labels. There it should be written that this linen is made of cotton fabric (as an option - cotton, knitwear, cotton, bawelna). And only decorative lace and rhinestones may not fall under this requirement. By the way, about the decor.

Wide assortment

Modern fashion designers and developers of lingerie, including underwear for pregnant women, thank God, think not only about convenience and safety, but also about aesthetics. Today, panties for pregnant women are no less beautiful and sexy than ordinary lingerie. They are made in a variety of colors, decorated with a variety of decorative pieces and can not only pleasantly please future mothers, but literally drive the future dads crazy.

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