Undeveloped pregnancy

Undeveloped pregnancy - reasons, symptoms and treatment

A non-developing or frozen pregnancy is a pathological condition when a child is born: until a certain point the fetus develops in its own way, but at some point the fetal death stops. It can happen at any time of pregnancy, although in most cases, according to doctors, an undeveloped pregnancy is already reported in the first trimester.

The reasons for this state of things can be very different. Physicians explain pregnancy fading and chromosomal, genetic disorders and possible further pathologies in the fetus; and infectious and inflammatory diseases in the mother - even the usual flu, transferred by a woman in the position, can cause pregnancy to die, but most often the undeveloped pregnancy is associated with sexually transmitted infections. Frozen pregnancy can be associated with both immune and autoimmune diseases of the mother (when the woman's organism perceives the fetus as a foreign body and rejects it); and with pathologies of the uterus. Provoke fading and death of the fetus bad habits with which the expectant mother does not part during pregnancy, such as smoking, abusing alcohol or taking drugs. The final and most probable cause of the undeveloped pregnancy is established by the doctor after the examination of the fetal tissues, which makes it possible to eliminate the influence of negative factors and endure a healthy child.

Often, a woman who has died of pregnancy does not feel any way and does not have any suspicious symptoms. If fading occurs in the first stages of pregnancy, provided that the woman has a toxicosis, then in case of fetal fading it may disappear. In parallel, the pregnant woman has an appetite, pain in the mammary glands passes. However, these signs in no case can be unequivocally regarded as symptoms of an undeveloped pregnancy. If fetal fading occurs at a later date, then there may be a woman's bloody discharge, increase in body temperature above normal performance, pain and sensation, as if "pulling" in the lower back, the absence of fetal movement. And even in this case, it is only the specialist who can completely confirm the fading of pregnancy - after carrying out all the necessary examinations.

If a suspected undeveloped pregnancy is suspected, the doctor determines the matched uterine size of pregnancy, monitors the level of hCG - one of the main hormones of pregnancy (with natural pregnancy, the level of hCG constantly rises, with undeveloped it does not happen). And in the end, to talk about the presence of fading pregnancy can be after the ultrasound: if ultrasound does not fix the heartbeat and motor activity of the fetus. In case of detection of an undeveloped pregnancy, the woman is urgently hospitalized and scraped out of the uterus - this must be done to avoid infection of the woman due to the presence of dead tissue in the womb.

An undeveloped pregnancy certainly becomes a source of grief for any of the potential moms. But it should be noted that this is also a serious reason to reconsider your lifestyle and be examined by doctors for infections and diseases that could lead to such a sad outcome. Well, in no case, undeveloped pregnancy does not become a contraindication to further pregnancies. To plan the next pregnancy the physician recommends not earlier than in 6-12 months - when the woman's body will be restored from the shock. And then, after all the desired examinations for the presence of a probable cause, provoking fading of pregnancy and treatment, if necessary.

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