Unloading days for pregnant women

How to arrange a fasting days during pregnancy

Rules and recommendations for unloading days for pregnant women

Generally, unloading days should be prescribed by doctors. And this is usually done with excessive or unevenly increased weight, with puffiness and other manifestations of gestosis. But often future mothers decide to arrange for themselves unloading - as a preventive measure or in excess, from their point of view, weight. This, in principle, is also not bad, much better than then months to come back to normal after childbirth. And during the delivery of extra pounds do not go at all. But you should know that it is possible to arrange unloading days during the gestation period only after the 28th week of pregnancy, when all the basic organs and systems of the baby are already formed. "Unload" can not be more than once in 7-10 days. And in any case, it is necessary to consult in advance about this possibility personally for you and about the most suitable unloading day.

In general, it is recommended to alternate between different unloading days, thus providing a variety of incoming (and not incoming) into the body of substances.

Mandatory for this day's rule: the whole portion of the relying products should be divided into 5-6 identical portions, which must be eaten at identical intervals of time. Chew the food carefully, slowly, slowly, only so it will be well absorbed and bring more satiety. Also on this day you need to drink at least 2 liters of clean water. With an insurmountable feeling of hunger, it is recommended to drink a glass of low-fat yogurt or kefir.

There is an opinion that it is best to arrange fasting days on the same day of the week: thus the organism will be easier to perceive food restrictions, in advance preparing for the forthcoming purification.

Options for unloading days during pregnancy

There are many different options for unloading during pregnancy. Doctors advise to choose single days of unloading, without resorting to longer diets.

It can be meat, kefir, milk and other fasting days. But the most useful for pregnant women are fruit, vegetable and juice:

  • Apple day: throughout the day you can eat 1, 5-2 kilograms of apples in pure form or as a salad with the addition of olive oil and lemon juice, for example, as well as greens or celery and parsley. You can bake apples and sprinkle with cinnamon, but do not sweeten.
  • Watermelon day: 1, 5 kilograms of watermelon flesh per day. Do not forget about water either.
  • Fruit day: apples and watermelon can be replaced with other fruits - in the total mass of 1, 5 kg. Only this should not be grapes and bananas.
  • Vegetable day: you can eat 1, 5 kg of fresh vegetables instead of fruits. Recommended zucchini, pumpkin, cucumber, a little vegetable oil or low-fat sour cream in the supplement is not prohibited.
  • Juicy day: provides for drink, not food. Drink freshly squeezed juice from vegetables, fruits or berries - 1 liter throughout the day.
  • Compote a day: if for the freshes are not season, replace them with compotes. Cook 1 kg of fresh apples or 100 g of dried fruits in 1, 5 liters of water with the addition of not more than 4 tablespoons of sugar. And drink during the day.
  • Sour-milk day: for unloading on this day, you need to choose your favorite sour-milk product with a low percentage of fat (no more than 1, 5%). Kefir, ryazhenka or yogurt can be drunk to 1.5 liters per day, cottage cheese to eat up to 600 g per day in 6 receptions.

If you have a hard time tolerating food restrictions, and you need a fasting day, try more "well-fed options". You may prefer one of these days of pregnancy during pregnancy:

  • Meat day: 400 g of low-fat non-fat meat boiled without salt. Each serving can be served with a glass of tea without sugar. Also allowed to add a little raw vegetables - up to 800 g per day without spices and salt.
  • Fish Day: all the same, but instead of meat - low-fat fish (pike, perch, pike perch, bream, cod). If desired, you can drink a decoction of dogrose - 2-3 glasses a day. If it's hard - add a few stewed vegetables (cauliflower, green beans, sweet peppers, tomatoes, eggplant, zucchini).
  • Potato day: 1 kg of boiled potatoes. If the feeling of hunger annoys - add 2 cups of low-fat kefir.
  • Rice day: boil 150 grams of brown rice and divide into 3 equal portions. It is allowed to sprinkle with a pinch of cinnamon, a grated apple or chopped sweet pepper.

However, remember, at the same time, that each of the unloading days has its own curative effect and contraindications. For example, sour-milk days are recommended for obesity and atherosclerosis, cucumber - for hypertension, apple and watermelon - also for hypertension and kidney diseases. But meat days of relief are contraindicated in chronic diseases of digestive organs and cardiovascular ailments.

In one day you can get rid of 300-800 g. In general, it takes away excess fluid. But we once again want to note that consultation with a doctor before the organization of unloading is mandatory!

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