Vagina after birth

Vagina after childbirth - recovery, changes, problems

However, women often think about vaginal muscles only after childbirth, when they begin to feel the discomfort and difficulties associated with their overextension. Is it possible to restore the vagina after childbirth and how to do it? Let's find out.

Variation of the vagina after childbirth

During pregnancy, the vagina constantly experiences the pressure of the growing fetus and uterus, while maintaining an increasing weight. But the main load on the vagina occurs during childbirth at the time of passing the child, when it is very stretched. In this case, the walls become thinner and become more susceptible, and the sensitivity decreases. Often after giving birth, women experience vaginal dryness, which leads to itching and irritation, and sometimes pain during intercourse. This is mainly due to a decrease in the level of estrogen after childbirth.

Especially worry about stretching the vagina and reducing its tone is not worth it, because within 6-8 weeks after childbirth it is as close to prenatal forms and sizes as possible without any external effort. However, not 100%, and in some cases, its recovery requires a longer time (for example, after ruptures and incisions at delivery). It happens even, It is necessary to resort to plastic surgery, but this is extremely rare cases. Most often, the elasticity of the vagina can restore or accelerate its recovery by performing simple exercises.

Restoring the vagina after childbirth

The overgrowth of the vaginal muscles in the process of birth can affect your life. First of all, sexual, because both partners will celebrate a decline in its quality. In addition, there may be a slight incontinence, manifested with minimal tension in the muscles of the perineum (during laughter, coughing, sneezing).

Dryness of the vagina after childbirth can be reduced, using during sexual intercourse special lubricants - lubricants. And over restoring the elasticity of the muscles will have to work.

However, this work will be easy and even enjoyable, because her results will be noticed even by your spouse! And you yourself can control your orgasm thanks to trained muscles.

For this, there is a set of exercises, developed in the last century by Dr. Arnold Kegel, who became famous for him all over the world. Exercises are simple and effective and can be performed literally anywhere at any time. They increase blood circulation in the organs of the small pelvis, increase the elasticity and elasticity of the vaginal muscles.

Try to delay urination by stopping the urine stream. Muscles involved in this process will be able to exercise. In another way, you can feel them like this: as much as possible, stretch and drag the inward opening of the anus, the vagina and buttocks, while not moving them. At the same time, muscles are involved, surrounding all three holes of the perineum - the anus, the vagina and the external opening of the urethra. Each of them is surrounded by a sphincter, which during the gymnastics of Kegel will be strengthened. Repeat the exercise 5-30 times a few times each day.

The simplest universal exercise Kegel: strain the muscles of the perineum, hold them for the maximum possible time and then gradually relax. At first, you may notice that it is impossible to hold the muscles in a stressed state. But as you increase their elasticity, you will get better.

For greater efficiency, perform the full range of Kegel exercises, which can be found on the Internet and on our website, or the ones you like most. And then your intimate health and well-being will improve! You can also resort to specially designed for this vaginal cones or vaginal balls.

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