Vaginal suppositories after birth

Why use vaginal suppositories after birth?

But sometimes in the postpartum period there is a need for such candles for the treatment of inflammatory processes. Let's try to understand the features of the use of vaginal suppositories in the postpartum period.

For the purpose of healing

It is good if the birth was successful and without cardinal consequences for the female body. Yes, not all young mothers have gaps during childbirth. But most people have microcracks in the vagina. And it is important that these wounds heal in time. After all, unrestored crotch and vagina after childbirth are fraught with scar formation, decreased sexual desire and even urinary incontinence. And inattentive attitude to these areas after childbirth leads to infectious diseases.

If we talk about ruptures, microcracks, it is worth recalling, first of all, the means of additional hygiene, external processing of seams and wounds. To do this, hydrogen peroxide, a solution of potassium permanganate, is suitable. But today the doctors are united in the opinion that vaginal suppositories are needed to treat such consequences of labor. They accelerate the healing process, soften the internal tissues, create the optimal flora of the vagina and thus help the physical recovery of the woman. In addition, suppositories are convenient to use, because they are administered deep, at night, which allows the healing substances to heal the genital organs when the woman rests.

Which candles are best for you, the doctor will tell.

We treat infections

And now we will return to the situation of inattention to the healing of microcracks. A consequence of this in the postpartum period with weakened immunity and fatigue of a woman can be inflammatory processes. Even the course of labor can cause the development of candidiasis of the genitals. If favorable conditions for the development of this disease were, then it will very quickly manifest itself. You can not miss thrush. Its signs: itching, curdling-white discharge from the vagina, painful urination. If these symptoms are found, then delay the visit to the doctor can not, because you can infect the candidiasis of the baby. In the acute form of the disease, fungal particles can circulate in the blood. Getting into different tissues and organs, with mother's milk, they can go to the children's body. In such cases, a woman is prescribed a harmless pimafucin. It is non-toxic and effective. Pimafucin or nystatin in the form of vaginal suppositories is well combined with drugs. The use of candles quickly enough to get rid of thrush.


After giving birth, a woman gradually enters the usual rhythm of life, including sexual. Renewal of intimate relations with her husband is again connected with the problem of contraception. After all, even during lactation you can easily get pregnant. Therefore, a vaginal suppository is a good option for preventing unwanted pregnancies. Which of them to choose, you will tell the treating gynecologist with an orientation to the characteristics of your body. Even women who do not suffer from allergies sometimes do not perceive certain medications. Do not trust the advertising and advice of girlfriends. What is good for one woman, does not fit the other.

Hot discussions on this issue can be read at women's forums. Very often there they discuss the problem of treatment with erection candles, which arose during pregnancy. Many women after childbirth begin to treat this erosion on their own, recommending others some kinds of suppositories. But it should be taken into account that such an initiative can only aggravate the situation. Therefore, for all your busy new responsibilities, take the time to visit a doctor. Perhaps he will approve your decision to be treated with vaginal suppositories.

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