Valerian during pregnancy

Valerian during pregnancy - how to take, benefit and harm

Can Valerian be taken during pregnancy?

Valerian is a medicinal herb. Her extract in pharmacology is available in the form of tablets and drops. In addition, the drugstore also sells just dry rhizomes, of which, for example, you can prepare a decoction.

So from all this pregnant women are not recommended only tincture (drops) due to the content of alcohol in it. And then, doctors say, in an emergency situation, in the absence of anything else you can use it, because you will not drink a liter (the alcohol content in it is negligible). And sometimes drops are even preferable, because the essential oils contained in them help to quickly remove acute nervous excitement. As for the tablets, they can be taken without fear at any time. This is especially true in the light of the fact that many of the medicines are banned for admission during the period of gestation, and in the first trimester, almost everything is banned.

Medical research shows, that valerian does not affect the developing in the womb of the mother of any adverse effect.

However, this does not mean that you can drink valerian when you want and in any quantities. There are specific reasons why a doctor can prescribe this drug to his pregnant patient, and certain dosages of his admission.

Why are pregnant women prescribed valerian?

Valerian has various effects on the body, but the most pronounced of them are soothing and spasmolytic. It is for this reason that pregnant women turn to this drug. Mentailed, tired, worried, unable to sleep, quarreled or worried - the first assistant to you in this valerian, for such a state is dangerous for the future baby. This, most likely, everyone understands and everyone knows about it. And how about the treatment course of valerian?

Valerian with the purpose of treatment is practically not assigned to pregnant women separately, but always in combination with other drugs, for there are specific reasons for this, requiring not only sedation. Most often valerian during pregnancy is appointed in the first trimester with the threat of interruption and in the latter - with late gestosis. Valerian helps calm the uterus and remove the tone, which usually presents an acute threat until 16-18 weeks.

Valerian is soothing, this action does not occur immediately, as, for example, in hypnotic drugs, but lasts for a long period of time. And if you take valerian course, it has a certain therapeutic effect, because it has the property to accumulate in the body.

How to take valerian during pregnancy: dosage?

Although valerian extract is made exclusively from natural ingredients, it can not be taken uncontrolled. The doctor prescribes a certain dosage in each individual case, as well as the duration of the course of treatment.

Usually, pregnant women are prescribed 1-2 drops a day 2-3 times a day. If it drops - 2-3 tablespoons 3-4 times a day. Prepared by yourself a decoction of rhizomes of valerian take 1 tablespoon 2-3 times a day. Drinking the medicine should be after half an hour after eating. Most often valerian treatment does not exceed a month, but in some cases there is a need to take the drug throughout the term.

If you decide to resort to taking valerian once, then you still need to notify your doctor about this: the exchange card should indicate all the drugs that you took during the gestation period. In addition, you should discuss with him the possible dosages and the appropriateness of taking valerian in certain life situations.

However, we once again want to note: you do not need to take valerian during pregnancy! The intake of valerian in large quantities can lead to sleep disorders, headaches, nausea, cardiac and digestive disorders, increased excitability.

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