Vitamins for pregnant women

What vitamins are best for pregnant women?

Polyvitamins - additionally?

Today, the opinions of doctors about whether a pregnant woman needs to take additional vitamins, diverge. Some doctors believe that the nutrition of a future mother should be supplemented with multivitamin complexes only if necessary. And it depends on the daily diet of a woman and well-being. If it is balanced and contains a sufficient amount of vitamins and minerals, then in an additional intake of vitamin complexes is not necessary. Such a diet is made individually, taking into account the weight of the pregnant woman.

But there are vitamins - folic acid (B9) and vitamin E (tocopherol), which all pregnant women need. B9 should be taken 3 months before the conception of the child, that is, in the planning process and up to 16 weeks of pregnancy. Folic acid prevents anomalies in the development of the baby, in particular the nervous system. Vitamin E contributes to the preservation of the fetus when a threat of miscarriage, participates in the formation of the placenta. Tocopherol is also a natural antioxidant, which helps to "transport" oxygen.

If the doctor additionally prescribes vitamins to a woman, then take them you need courses.

Do not do without their reception in such cases:

  • Early toxicosis. Poor appetite and vomiting make the diet not full, so there is a need for microelements and vitamins;
  • Multiple pregnancy. If a woman wears twins, the need for vitamins increases;
  • Bad habits. If a woman can not quit smoking, alcohol - the destroyer of nutrients in the body during pregnancy, then it is necessary to "insure" with vitamins.

And natural - better!

Who today doubts that strawberries will compete with pharmacy vitamins? It contains the same folic acid. A 40 berries of strawberries satisfy the daily requirement of a person in vitamin B. As for vitamin C, 8 berries contain 160% of this dose. This is significantly more than contains vitamin C in an orange. The same can be said about other vegetables and fruits that a pregnant woman should use. Today, any time of the year allows you to have berries and fruits thanks to freezers.

Natural vitamins contribute to well-being, strengthen immunity. But their overabundance leads to destructive processes. Therefore it is important to follow the doctor's instructions and not experiment with the choice yourself.

Depending on the trimesters

In some women in the first months of pregnancy, the attitude to the food habitual for it changes. Aversion from important and useful products can be compensated with polyvitamins. Vegetarians also need additional "bonuses" - iron preparations.

In the В half of pregnancy the body needs iodine. Its lack slows the metabolism, and the woman starts to gain weight quickly, the nails and hair become brittle. It is found in sea fish, seafood, figs.

The doctor can prescribe calcium courses in the first and second trimester of pregnancy. It forms the skeleton of a child, reduces the risk of premature birth, and contains calcium in fermented milk products, cabbage.

Pregnant women in 2-3 trimesters can be prescribed iron for the prevention of anemia and the risk of miscarriage. It is found in large quantities in veal, beef. To wash down such food for improvement of mastering it is better than orange or pineapple juice, in fact it is promoted with vitamin C. The latter is very important for smoking women. His lack of a future mother is a vulnerability to viral infections. A lot of vitamin C is found in citrus, kiwi, cabbage.

In the third trimester, almost all are prescribed vitamin D - ergocalciferol. Prevention of rickets, the formation of the fetal skeleton, the development of the cardiovascular system is the sphere of "influence" of ergocalciferol. It is found in fish oil, sardines, egg yolk, butter.

You should know that taking multivitamins affects the size of the fetus. Namely, their constant use can lead to the fact that the child will be large, and independent delivery will be difficult. That is, the chance of cesarean section increases.

All future mothers should remember that only a doctor, if necessary, can competently pick up vitamins for you.

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