Vitamins for women after birth

What vitamins should women take after delivery?

What for and what vitamins are needed for young mothers?

Even if a woman's birth was easy, it does not mean that her body is in perfect order. He is exhausted, and ahead of the lactation period. For a speedy recovery, gynecologists are advised to take foods high in vitamins, and preferably ready-made multivitamins. After all, not all fruits and vegetables during the period of breastfeeding women are allowed to use. In addition, they will have to eat them in large quantities to provide the body with a sufficient dose of vitamins. For example, a useful and rich source of ascorbic acid - citrus feeding moms immediately after childbirth can not be used. Ascorbic acid restores the skin, blood vessels, cartilage, strengthens the immune system of the newly mummy.

To make up for the deficiency of B vitamins, to use their daily norm, you need to eat 500 grams of beef and a kilo of rye flour. And this is almost impossible. In addition, newly mummies should be extremely careful with the choice of foods, because today they contain many unnatural supplements. It is easier to drink ready-made multivitamins in tablets.

Most mothers experience iron deficiency after delivery, they have a lower hemoglobin level. This trace element can be obtained separately, using drugs Sorbifer and Aktiferrin. Preferably, so that an additional dose of iron in the female body comes in a few weeks.

Lack of B vitamins leads to the risk of developing depressive disorders. That's why breast-feeding mothers need their replenishment. The best sources of thiamine are legumes, cereals, nuts, vegetables. Riboflavin is in milk, eggs, pork. Pyrodoxin is rich in potatoes and liver, cyanocobalamin is found in yeast, fermented milk products, seafood, green vegetables.

Deficiency of ergocalciferol (vitamin D) leads to the destruction of teeth, bone tissue, brittle nails, hair. The daily norm of ergocalciferol for a nursing mother is 12 ?g. It is better to take it in drops. So you can exactly stick to the right dosages.

Retinol (vitamin A) for lactating women is important for vision support, restoration of immunity, skin. It is not for nothing called one of the vitamins of beauty. The substance is necessary for the health of the skeleton, hair, which often suffer during pregnancy. In a day, the dose of retinol for a nursing mother is 750 mcg.

All pregnant women are aware of the importance of taking folic acid and the complexes containing it. The substance helps at the stage of bearing the fetus to avoid anomalies of its nervous system and developmental defects, and after childbirth - normalizes the work of the mother's nervous system, regulates its emotional background. The daily norm of this substance is 1 mg.

What vitamin complexes are designed for women after childbirth?

It is worth noting, that during this period the female organism can manifest itself unpredictably. It's allergies to new products and even those that women used before pregnancy. That's why many obstetricians-gynecologists advise still to take ready multivitamins. Pharmaceutical companies produce drugs specifically for women after childbirth. Among them:

  1. Ferrum Lek. The drug is designed to restore the level of hemoglobin in the female body. Iron in the composition of Ferrum Lek eliminates brittle hair, improves the ability to concentrate attention, reduces skin dryness and delamination of nails. Also, eliminating iron deficiency, the drug helps a woman to become more energetic, active and have more time.
  2. Vitrum Prenatal. Multivitamins and provide the right composition of milk, and give strength, and restore the reproductive system of women.
  3. Elevit. After birth, one tablet of this drug is enough to provide the body and nursing mother, and her baby through breast milk with all the necessary trace elements and vitamins.

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