Vitamins in the planning of pregnancy, for men

What vitamins should I take in men when planning pregnancy?

Do I need vitamins for future parents?

Doctors advise future parents to begin preparing for conception 6 months before him. And even if you feel well, then with the birth of a new little life within you, the microelements and vitamins will need you twice. Insufficient amount for two can lead to vitamin deficiency and health problems.

During the pregnancy planning period, vitamins contribute to the preparation of the body for the first days of the child's prenatal life, create a fertile ground for his pregnancy. And, of course, at this time to consume vitamins should not only the future mother, but also the father, too. After all, he takes part in the conception of the baby. Strong health of the future father is also the strong health of the child in the future.

So, to begin with, future parents must undergo a medical examination and consult with a doctor about the intake of vitamins. He appoints those drugs that will be useful for you to prepare the body for the upcoming pregnancy.

If the results of the survey establish violations in the female body, the woman will recommend a special complex of vitamins. They are usually prescribed for large mental and physical exertion, in stress situations, in winter and hot summer, and in case of beriberi. Usually, prospective parents are advised to take Prenatal vitamins. They can be consumed during pregnancy.

Important in the planning of pregnancy vitamins

First of all, that a balanced diet during pregnancy planning is the basis of a healthy conception. During this period, you need to accustom your body to a diet that excludes fried, smoked, flour and sweet in excessive doses. Such products will be superfluous both in the course of bearing the baby, and during the period of breastfeeding. It will be great if such food becomes the norm of your life. To this must be added fresh air in large doses and vitamins E and B9 (folic acid).

  • B9 is assigned at the planning stage of conception of the child. A sufficient amount of this vitamin reduces the risk of the birth of a baby with neural tube defects. This may be an incomplete development of the brain and its hernia, as well as a non-closed spinal cord. Such defects can occur even at 28 days of pregnancy. Agree, that at this time not every woman knows about her interesting situation. That is why the body of a future mother needs so much folic acid in the planning of conception. This vitamin is the main in the growth, development of cells and the formation of the tissues of the child. When the gynecologist appoints complex vitamin vitamins to the patient during the planning process, vitamin B9 is an additional purpose, as it is contained in a small number of multivitamins. Future parents should know about the natural sources of this important vitamin. It is found in green vegetables and legumes, in nuts and buckwheat, kefir and rice, spinach and orange juice, dairy products.
  • The lack of vitamin E is a reduction in women's chances of becoming pregnant, or an increased risk of developmental pathologies in all three trimesters. After all, this vitamin is a natural antioxidant and a participant in the biosynthesis of hemoglobin. This is why a vitamin E deficiency leads to a decrease in hemoglobin levels.

In addition, additional functions of vitamin E are cell renewal and their normal maturation. Deficiency of vitamin E in the future of the pope is fraught with the appearance of immature spermatozoa, unable to fertilize the ovum.

In the future mother, vitamin E promotes implantation of the fetal egg in the uterine wall, that is, its attachment to the uterus. Deficiency at the right time of vitamin E is fraught with miscarriage at an early age.

Where is vitamin E? Rich in this substance are olive, peanut, corn and soybean oil, parsley, lettuce, liver, milk, eggs.

  • Vitamin B6 is responsible for the synthesis of amino acids and the formation of proteins, which are the building blocks for the cells of the nascent child. With enough vitamin B6 in the body of the expectant mother in the early stages, it will less suffer from toxicosis, tearfulness and aggression. For a child, this vitamin creates normal conditions for the development of the brain, the nervous system as a whole. Natural sources of vitamin B6 are yeast, liver, potatoes, bananas, cabbage, beans.
  • Vitamin B1 is the catalyst for the development of the human nervous system, it helps the assimilation of carbohydrates, energy production. This vitamin is rich in legumes, nuts, onions, apricots, dog-rose, beets.
  • The function of vitamin B2 - the responsibility for the future growth of your heir, the formation of his muscles, skeleton, nervous system. A lot of this vitamin is found in eggs, milk, cabbage, tomatoes, greens.
  • Vitamin A when planning pregnancy increases the body's resistance to infections, helps the bones to form strong. Contains this vitamin in red-yellow and green fruits, all kinds of greens, cheese, butter.
  • Vitamin C increases the immunity in the body of a future mother, removes toxins, destroys bacteria and viruses, increases efficiency. To enrich the body with this vitamin should eat green onions, cabbage, sea buckthorn, black currant, citrus.
  • Vitamin D (ergocalciferol) is responsible for the strength of teeth and nails, and the future baby helps to form the skeleton and teeth. Since during its development the child takes vitamin D from his mother, then at her lack of this substance the nails can disappear, the hair falls out. That is why in the daily diet of a woman planning a pregnancy, there must be fatty varieties of sea fish, eggs, mushrooms and milk.

All of the above vitamins should be present in the daily menu of future parents during the period of pregnancy planning, and during its course must regularly enter the body of the future mother.

Vitamin Complexes in Pregnancy Planning

Adequate exposure to fresh air, rejection of bad habits, positive emotions should be the basis for preparing for pregnancy. With regard to nutrition and the presence of vitamins in the diet, then in ordinary products they do not always contain the right amount. Then synthetic preparations come to the rescue. So, folic acid is prescribed in addition to the daily menu. There are also complex preparations that provide future parents with all vitamins of group B. In all vitamins of the Prenatal group there is a lot of folic acid and iron.

It should be borne in mind that most of the vitamins and vitamins are consumed by the mother's body in the very first weeks of pregnancy when forming the organs of the future baby. That is why it is important to take prescribed by the doctor multivitamins during the planning of conception. Thus, the coming pregnancy will not be stress for the mother's organism and a test for strength.

Vitamins for future dads

When planning a child, a man needs vitamins to normalize the reproductive system. They will make his body stronger and healthier.

It is important that in his diet there are three main substances for the maturation of healthy spermatozoa. These are L-carnitine, vitamin E and zinc. L-carnitine has long been in the lead in the rating of funds for the treatment of male infertility. It promotes motility of spermatozoa, helps their maturation.

Zinc stimulates the production of testosterone. The disadvantage of zinc is the reduction in the number of spermatozoa and the deterioration in their quality. The quality of sperm affects and vitamin E. It affects the viability and motility of sperm. With a deficiency of this vitamin, the percentage of immature spermatozoa is too high and, accordingly, low chances of conception.

All these three substances are in food. But they are contained in small quantities. For example, for the required amount of L-carnitine, one kilogram of beef should be eaten daily. It is unlikely that this is real. Therefore, you need to use special complex vitamins for future fathers. One of them is Spematon, which contains three of the above substances in sufficient quantities. To begin reception of this preparation follows for 3 months before forthcoming conception. After all, the father is responsible for the health of the future baby in the same way as his mother.

So, a responsible attitude to the appearance of a child in the family, planning pregnancy and taking vitamins will help you give birth to a healthy, strong and intelligent baby.

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