What are the signs of pregnancy

What are the signs of pregnancy

Who are you born? Boy? Girl? Such divination often includes close and distant relatives of a pregnant woman. After all, history has accumulated a huge number of signs of the sex of the future child. And although their accuracy is very doubtful, but they are more interesting than ultrasound diagnosis. And it can also be interesting to compare the ultrasound data with these very signs. Does it coincide or not?

Believing or grinning about this is your own business. And yet we will get acquainted with the signs of the birth of a boy.

The very first thing that is judged about the future child's field is the taste preferences of the future mother. If it pulls on meat, cheese, salted and sour foods, seeds, it means that in her stomach there lives a boy. Pregnancy by a girl is usually accompanied by a craving for sweet and various kinds of delicacies, which is more characteristic of the female sex. By the way, that's why pregnant women who wear daughters are better during the gestation period. The mothers of future boys are less affected.

Usually pay attention to the face of a pregnant woman. If it stays clean and smooth, a woman seems to bloom, it means more chances to have a son. Girls usually & bdquo; take & rdquo; my mother's beauty, and the woman's face becomes covered with pimples, pigmentation, blushes.

It is believed that the nature of the programmed sex of the child, depending on the needs of the family. That is, if more in the assistant needs a dad, then the masculine principle lives in my mother. When a woman is more burdened with economic cares and duties, a girl will be born.

Pregnancy in the first trimester is also the basis for predicting sex. So, the absence of nausea in the morning is a sign of the birth of a son. In his favor, palpitation in a minute is less often than 140 strokes. The abdomen is located low, round, like a ball, and strongly protrudes forward? The boy will be born.

If the chest area around the nipples during pregnancy significantly darkened, the feet began to freeze, like never before, the hair on the legs began to grow much faster - these are also signs of the birth of a son.

Often, with the onset of pregnancy in women, dry hands appear. Doctors explain this fact with a deficiency of vitamins, and the wisdom of the people is the birth of a son. Frequent headaches, tapering of the tip of the nose, and a bright yellow color of urine indicate the same.

There is one more original sign or even a way of determining the sex of the future child. To do this, you need to take the engagement ring of a pregnant woman, pass a thread through it and hang it over your stomach. Turning in a circle? Wait for the heir.

An indication of the birth of a boy is the character of the fetal movements. Men push more often in the right side. They are more sharp in the movements. Sometimes you can see that the boy simply bulges his foot or hand in the womb. Girls are not typical. Well, except for those who have a male character.

If the pregnant woman puts the right foot on the step first, then she will have a son.

By the way, more boys are born during wars and conflicts. Thus, nature seems to care about replenishing the male tribe.

And it is also noticed that when the boy and his mother are pregnant, the father begins to recover!

So, it will take a lot. Tracking and matching them is interesting. But it does not matter if your son or daughter is born. After all, we do not live in a country where a woman who does not give birth to sons betrays shame. The main thing is that the baby is healthy, strong, intelligent. A brother or sister, you must give birth to him another time.

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