What complications can occur during childbirth?

What complications can occur during childbirth?

Complications associated with the birth canal

Most often it's a narrow pelvis. The birth canal in this case may be narrower than usual? and then deliveries are carried out by cesarean section. If the pelvis is narrowed unimportant, then natural births are allowed. Sometimes the pelvic size is normal, and complications arise due to other abnormalities of the birth canal. Among such - uterine fibroids, tumor formations, ovarian cysts, tight crotch.

Prolonged birth

They are observed when the labor activity is slow. Evaluate the pace by how the head of the fetus of the child moves to the birth canal and the cervix dilates. The parturient woman has weak, too short or irregular contractions. In this case, stimulation of uterine activity is applied by means of drip administration of drugs. If everything happens exactly the opposite, and the bouts are very strong, the doctors try to calm the uterus, use painkillers or epidural anesthesia.

Complications associated with the baby

Often the delivery is delayed because the fetus is large or located in the womb incorrectly. Optimal presentation - head down with a lowered chin. This pose is thought out by nature and helps the crumb to appear without complications. However, sometimes the baby did not lower the head before giving birth, therefore his chin wants to appear first. In this situation, the birth is delayed, because the position of the head creates a specific congestion. And if in the second phase of childbirth the child does not turn it correctly, then the obstetrician-gynecologist makes a turn with obstetric forceps or a vacuum extractor. If this does not change the situation, then urgently conduct cesarean section. In addition to the above position, sometimes at the time of birth the child is in the pelvic, that is, breech presentation. With it, natural births are more dangerous. In most cases, in this situation, especially if the first birth, do caesarean section.

When the fruit is large, it has acute hypoxia - the doctors conduct an episiotomy (a perineotomy from the center to the side or a perineotomy - a cut in the direction of the anus). Such auxiliary manipulations are also carried out by specialists if the amniotic fluid is green.

About the distress of the fetus, when he experiences oxygen deficiency. This happens because of the cord's entanglement with the umbilical cord; bleeding caused by premature detachment of the placenta. Sometimes distress occurs as a result of strong pressure on the baby's head during a period of short intense labor. Then the frequency of fetal heart rate (above 160 beats per minute at the rate of 120), heart rhythm, changes.

The prolapse of the umbilical cord is another dangerous situation. The body does not supply the child with oxygen, which leads to hypoxia. If the umbilical cord is squeezed for a long time, then the baby is threatened with death. In this case, it is urgent to carry out the delivery.

Bleeding during childbirth

The most frequent cause of them are problems associated with the placenta. The cause of bleeding in the process of delivery may be inflammatory diseases of the uterine mucosa, scars on it, fibroids, long-term injuries of the pelvic organs, hormonal disorders, cardiovascular diseases, kidney and liver diseases. A large number of abortions before pregnancy, miscarriages, abdominal trauma during the period of gestation are also risk factors that cause bleeding.

When in the process of giving birth it opens, doctors act simultaneously in several directions. Births through large veins are poured special solutions and blood products. To improve its clotting, fresh frozen plasma is injected, a mask with oxygen is applied to the face and blood pressure is carefully monitored.

Gaps during labor

This is one of the most common complications in the generic process. There are ruptures of the vagina, perineum, cervix, the uterus itself. To avoid such problems, during pregnancy, women are advised to perform special exercises, massage. Relaxation during labor is a good prevention of spontaneous tearing of the perineum. They happen because of rapid delivery, a short vagina, a narrow pelvis. Violent tears arise due to the use of obstetric forceps. This complication is eliminated by catgut suturing. If it is a question of rupture of the uterus, then the birth is stopped, the woman is injected into a state of anesthesia. If there is a chance to save the child, a cross-section is carried out.

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