What foods increase the pressure in pregnancy

What foods increase the pressure in pregnancy?

Products to increase blood pressure

Many women often experience low blood pressure in early pregnancy. Treatment with medicines can provoke a number of health problems, therefore, experts recommend changing, improve the diet and quality of nutrition.

If you have feelings of weakness and impotence, frequent dizziness - this can lead to low blood pressure. To restore it is recommended to consume certain foods or drinks. What is better to consume and in what quantity to increase the pressure, a specialist can recommend. But the most commonly used products for this purpose are the following:

  • Pickles, smoked products, spicy food - after consumption, thirst appears. You can squeeze it out with a lot of fluid, which helps increase blood pressure.
  • Fat-containing foods, animal fats. When they penetrate the bloodstream, blood flow becomes more difficult than the increased pressure. These products are recommended to consume in a small amount, as this is fraught with clogged vessels with cholesterol plaques.
  • Food and beverages containing caffeine. If a pregnant woman rarely consumes chocolate, weak coffee, black tea, then, perhaps, her body may temporarily and sharply increase pressure. The percentage of caffeine in tea is higher than in coffee. You can drink carbonated drinks that also contain caffeine. But you should consume them carefully, so as not to get a load on the heart or not to provoke spasms of the vessels.
  • Bakery products, cakes contain carbohydrates and fats (sugar, flour, butter). Their consumption contributes to narrowing of blood vessels and increased pressure.
  • Alcohol is contraindicated in pregnant women. But in extreme cases, the consumption of sweet or semisweet wine in a small amount can raise the tone, increase the pressure.
  • Excellent fruit and vegetables, such as celery, cabbage, lettuce, have an excellent tonic effect, which affects the pressure increase. They contain a large number of flavonoids. Many doctors advise to include in the daily diet of carrots, grapefruit, lemon, black currant.
  • Among the spices, a special place in raising the pressure is given to cinnamon. It can be added to hot dishes, coffee, tea, and cold snacks and drinks. Very tasty and useful to eat buns with cinnamon.

When consuming these products, it is important not to overeat them and adhere to a certain diet. In the morning and in the evening, doctors advise drinking tea with sugar or coffee. Tea can be drunk white, green, which contains slow caffeine. Particularly useful for increasing the pressure of products of animal origin - beef liver, caviar, any red meat. From dairy products that help to cope with the problem, you can consume cheese, sour cream, cottage cheese. It is also recommended to consume protein-containing fish and meat products such as heart, giblets, etc. Beef liver is especially welcomed in the diet of pregnant women, since it is the most valuable high percentage of iron, vitamin A. It is better to prepare it in a double boiler.

But all products are useful when their consumption does not exceed the norm. From juices to increase the pressure it is recommended to drink pomegranate.

It is not necessary to get too involved with the recommended products. Although the taste preferences of a pregnant woman are unpredictable. So, for example, she can eat a sweet bun with a salted herring. It is desirable to normalize the food and combine the products correctly, since subsequently there may be problems in the work of the intestine.

For prophylactic purposes at low pressure, along with the consumption of necessary products, it is important to observe the regime of the day, less frequent visits to public places, large stores. It is better to be outdoors more often, eat small portions, but often, and adhere to the recommendations of specialists.

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