What to take to the hospital for preservation

What to take to the hospital for preservation

When going to the hospital, women are sometimes very nervous, hurry, grab in the bag and the right, and completely useless. Concentrating on the main thing is difficult. Therefore, we offer a kind of cheat sheet. So, let's go through the categories necessary: ??

  1. Clothing. In some maternity hospitals and hospitals, a woman does not need anything, except for the bandage and underwear. Most of these institutions are allowed to bring clothes. It is recommended to bring two nightgowns or pajamas, a robe, a bandage and underwear, slippers. In some maternity hospitals shaggy soft slippers are not allowed to bring, only washable.
  2. Hygienic supplies. These are towels for the body and face. As a kitchen you can use what you get in the hospital. Toothbrush, paste, toilet paper, shampoo, soap, wet napkins, day and night creams to take with them. With regard to gaskets, it is necessary to take daily, and in the presence of bleeding - also pads with high absorbency. If you take a manicure set with you, you will be able to slowly adjust the nails on the hands and feet.
  3. Food. If you have problems with digestion or excess weight, it is better to take only mineral water without gas and fruit. In a hospital you are fed tolerably, so you will have a chance not to gain excess weight, given that most of the time you will have to lie. If there are no problems with weight, then perishable products, most likely, you simply will not be allowed to bring.
  4. Important trivia. The most important of these is a mobile phone with charging. Take also a notebook, pen, crossword puzzles, magazines, books, everything for embroidering, in a word, something that will help to spend time with advantage. As for the laptop, many gynecologists believe that placing it in the abdomen while sitting in bed adversely affects the fetus and is a risky pastime. By the way, the player is the best option, because in the ward there can be women who snore, and he will help not hear snoring.
  5. Documents. Be sure to take to your hospital a passport, insurance policy and exchange card, if you already have one.

And then follow all the prescriptions of the doctor and specify the names of the medicines that you will be assigned. Do not hesitate to ask about their pharmacological action. If you have been hospitalized for more than 30 weeks, you will probably need to undergo cardiotocography, which will assess the condition of your baby, and identify deviations in his heart rhythm.

In some maternity homes there are schools for pregnant women. In addition to lectures, you can attend special gymnastics or physical therapy courses.

Warn your relatives about the established mode of visits, and if there is a need to bring something else, rely on them.

In large cities, there is an opportunity to be hospitalized not in the usual department of pregnancy pathology, but in the commercial maternity hospital by contract, or in the maternity hospital. Similar chambers are equipped with bathrooms and shower cabins, microwave ovens, electric kettles, televisions. Service chambers are usually designed for individual treatment. They allowed visits to loved ones. In this case, many of the above list should not be taken with you.

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