When can I do anti-cellulite massage after birth

When can I do anti-cellulite massage after childbirth?

But when can these procedures be started after childbirth? Especially when it comes to anti-cellulite massage. Is it generally acceptable to use it in the postpartum period? Alas, but this procedure will have to wait, especially if you are breastfeeding and are not ready to stop lactation for the sake of the body without cellulite. Doctors strongly recommend to abandon the anti-cellulite procedures for the entire period of breastfeeding, but some of them admit classical massage from cellulite 9-10 months after the birth of the baby.

Harm of anti-cellulite massage after birth

So what is the main danger of anti-cellulite massage in the postpartum period? To begin with, for today the most common are three types of this procedure:

  • classical massage;
  • ultrasound massage;
  • Vacuum massage.

With a classic massage on problem areas are very active, and to enhance the effect - use special cosmetic anti-cellulite funds. The components of these creams can cause allergy not only to the mother, but also to her baby, who is breastfed, because aggressive ingredients are able to penetrate the blood, and therefore, into breast milk. Of course, there are also drugs for nursing mothers: they are safer, but, alas, and less effective.

During the ultrasonic massage, unique processes occur in which all toxins and toxins are actively excreted from the body, some of them are released into the blood, and this, of course, will affect the "quality" of breast milk. Vacuum massage causes blood to increase microcirculation, which also contributes to the elimination of toxic substances.

Moreover, this procedure involves preliminary steaming the body with wraps, a sauna or a bath, which is also undesirable in the postpartum period, especially with lactation. Breast heating can provoke milk congestion - lactostasis.

Thus, if you want to get rid of cellulite, every woman should think not only about herself, but about her baby. Also do not forget that everything is always very individual, and with a reasonable approach, after consulting with a competent specialist, you can adjust any procedure for yourself, there would be a desire.

What can I do after childbirth to get rid of cellulite?

It is not necessary to get upset if anti-cellulite massage is currently contraindicated. Sooner or later, each mother will end up breastfeeding and will be able to make up for lost time and take up her body at a decent level. But in order not to "start" the problem, it is necessary to follow simple "anti-cellulite recommendations":

  • Balanced nutrition. It's not a secret to anybody, that this is the basis of the foundations and the guarantee of the beauty of every woman. Vegetables, fruits, cereals, meat and dairy products are all in sufficient quantities and only natural. Flour, sweet, smoked, salted - will never adorn a woman. Do not forget also about the drinking regime: clean plain water at least 1, 5 liters per day.
  • Physical activity. Even elementary squatting is already helping the body fight cellulite. The swing of the abdominal press will have to be postponed, but for a short while, a month or two later the young mother can safely work on the "cubes". Remember only one thing: physical activity should not be too tiring, but, on the contrary, add strength and vivacity.
  • Contrast shower. If before the birth a woman with a contrast shower was well known, then in the postpartum period one can safely practice it, Only this time avoid breast licking. When lactating, a sharp change in the temperature of the water can play a cruel joke.
  • Wraps and rubbing. Suitable only for individual parts of the body (buttocks, stomach, thighs), but in "reasonable measures". Use for this you need natural means: honey, seaweed, coffee grounds, sea salt. But from mustard, essential oils and other more aggressive components it is better to refuse.
  • Massage at home. We said that the professional anti-cellulite massage is contraindicated after delivery, but this does not apply to massage at home with your own hands. Self-massage with the help of rubbing with a dry brush or hard mitten should be regular, daily and last at least 5 minutes. Effective also are tingle of problem zones up to that time, until the skin becomes red.
  • Cosmetic products. They have already been mentioned above: use only those that are intended for nursing mothers. Always conduct an allergy test, because in the postpartum period the body is more sensitive to any "novelties", until the hormonal background completely stabilizes.

Sometimes these recommendations are enough to get rid of the "orange crust", of course, if it is not in a "lamentable" condition. And from a professional massage, you should not give up after giving birth, but sign up for an ordinary - relaxing. From it, the benefits will be much more: rest, relaxation and a surge of new forces - are guaranteed. To classical massage it is possible to proceed already in a week-two after sorts, provided, that labors have passed or took place without complications. If suddenly the delivery took place by cesarean section, then massage can be done only after six months after childbirth.

And another thing: do not "adjust" the body in a difficult postpartum period for him. It takes a certain amount of time for him to restore his former functions and powers on his own, often not depending on our desires.

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