When the pain passes after childbirth

When are pains after childbirth?

What hurts more often

Gynecologists note that, as a rule, young moms complain about pain in the perineum after childbirth. Since, no matter how a woman prepares for childbirth, she does not follow all the necessary recommendations, very rarely there are cases when a baby is born, and the mother has absolutely no breaks or cracks. Often it is these wounds that hurt the most. In addition, in the first days after the appearance of crumbs, a woman feels discomfort in the perineum, that unpleasant painful sensations in this part will never pass. But this is not so, every day the pain will fade. Meanwhile, of course, you need to wait until the wounds heal. This process can take at least one and half to two months.

A lot of women complain after the birth that they have a backache and a loin. There is nothing surprising in this. During pregnancy, the spine and back muscles were exposed as the fetus grew to a powerful load and changes. As a result, after delivery, the young mother experiences pain. This pain is gradual, but it takes at least six months. In addition, a painful condition can worsen, because a woman has to wear crumbs on her hands, sometimes for several hours a day, at least. Therefore, if the pain after the birth in the back and waist did not go through two or three months, but only worsened, then it is necessary to consult a doctor. Perhaps a woman will need to undergo a massage or physiotherapy procedure that produces an analgesic effect, and which can be used during lactation.

Also, women often complain of pain in the lower abdomen. These unpleasant sensations are associated with contraction of the uterus, as this organ in the female body undergoes the greatest changes during childbirth. In the first days after birth, the uterus is greatly reduced, especially when the crumb suckles the chest, and the pain is sometimes as severe as during labor. But it quickly passes, and literally in 5 days such unpleasant sensations do not disturb the young mother any more.

How to help the body so that the pain is not tormented?

Many women in the first weeks after childbirth feel that their whole body aches and hurts. This is due to the fact that during labor the maternity body experienced a huge load on all the organs and muscles of the body. And now it just takes a few weeks or even months (depending on how the birth was performed) to restore the body.

Thus, to get rid of different types of pain after childbirth, a young mother needs to take care of her health. Despite the many worries about the baby, you should find time for yourself. Do not forget that if a woman in labor had breaks and cracks in the perineum, the first week can not sit on a chair, you can only lie or sit in a "reclining" state. After a week you can already sit down carefully. A young mother must rest more when the baby sleeps, does not lift the weight, does not carry the wheelchair, do not move sharply. Also, a woman needs to carefully monitor her diet so that there are no constipation. Since during the trip to the toilet "by and large", in case of constipation, it will be necessary to push, and such muscle strains will also lead to painful sensations.

In addition, the mother needs to eat fully, so that the body is more likely to recover from childbirth, and monitor their psychological state. Experts also do not recommend "fixate" on their morbid condition and do not forget that all the pain will gradually pass. We would like to draw your attention to the fact that if the pains are too strong and they torment you daily, you need to seek help from a doctor who will consult what needs to be done to reduce the pain.

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