When the strip on the abdomen passes after childbirth

When the strip on the abdomen passes after childbirth?

However, many mothers complain that after the birth of a crumb, the mark on the abdomen does not disappear and gives a lot of aesthetic discomfort, and after all they tend to come to the form after birth as soon as possible. Agree, the line on a flat or (worse) on the sagging tummy looks unattractive. This, probably, explains the curiosity of newly mummies about when the strip disappears, and can this process be accelerated?

Dark marking on the abdomen - what is it?

The appearance of a dark strip during pregnancy is a manifestation of hyperpigmentation, and this is due primarily to the hormonal changes that occur in the body of the future mummy. The strip visually resembles a vertical line that stretches from the navel down to the intimate area. The mark always "grows" vertically in the center of the round belly, in rare cases the band can be located higher up to the ribs.

Probably, many of the fair sex will be surprised, but each of them has such a mark. Simply, when a woman is not pregnant, the band is barely noticeable, and during the period of gestation the pigmentation is intensified, so that its color becomes more saturated. According to gynecological data, in almost 90% of cases in women in the situation there is a dark line. Especially this phenomenon is affected by dark and swarthy pregnant women.

When the mark on the abdomen disappears?

The main reason for the appearance of a pigment line on the abdomen during pregnancy is hormonal restructuring. In some, the line may appear on the third month, and in others - on the seventh. This process is purely individual.

After the birth of the baby, the balance of hormones comes back to normal, the synthesis of melanin decreases, and the mark disappears as suddenly as it appeared. The process of extinction is difficult to predict, because it depends on the individual characteristics of the woman's body. It can be a month, maybe a year. If a woman feeds a baby with a breast, then the period of the disappearance of the line may be prolonged.

Professional approach to strip removal on the abdomen after birth

If the "decoration" on the abdomen delivers aesthetic discomfort and does not pass even after the year after the birth of the baby, then you can contact a doctor-cosmetologist . However, before starting cosmetic procedures to remove the band, it is necessary to undergo examination and exclude abnormalities in the work of internal organs, which can affect the process of skin pigmentation.

Professional removal of the mark can be done by several methods:

  • laser resurfacing;
  • professional peeling;
  • cryotherapy;
  • mesotherapy;
  • use of special drugs that reduce the light sensitivity of the skin;
  • The use of bleaching creams.

Home procedures that accelerate the disappearance of pigment markings

New mammies, in order not to harm the baby, it is better to use traditional methods of bleaching. At home, exfoliating measures and the use of natural bleaching agents help to get rid of the aesthetic inconvenience. For example, it is possible during water procedures, that is, bathing, to use a hard loofah or a brush. Perfectly cope with the strip on the abdomen means that have whitening properties:

  • cucumber or lemon juice;
  • chamomile or lime decoction;
  • parsley juice;
  • mask of parsley and cucumber.


Postpartum recovery is a lengthy process and depends on many factors. Do not despair if after the birth of a crumb your belly "decorates" a dark strip. According to doctors, not a single woman has left a mark for a lifetime. Over time, the hormonal background will return to normal, and the band will disappear by itself. Yes, you can accelerate its disappearance, but the main thing in the pursuit of perfection is not to harm yourself and the baby.

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