When there is colostrum after childbirth

When does colostrum appear after delivery?

What is colostrum, and when to wait for it

Colostrum is usually called a transparent liquid of a yellowish hue, which stands out from the mammary glands, which has a rather dense consistence. In some women, it begins to appear on the last stages of pregnancy, although most often it appears only after the birth of the baby. At the time of arrival of special milk, several factors affect. A tremendous role is played by whether the birth took place in a timely manner or the baby was born prematurely, naturally or through cesarean section, the first is the experience or there are already older children, as well as the physiological features of the newly mummified organism.

Immediately before the birth and after them for five days, the colostrum is especially developed. Then it gradually replaces the transitional milk, and after the transitional comes the usual, which remains until the very end of the breastfeeding period. Thus, the allocation of colostrum is a preparatory stage for the body crumbs.

For a born baby, this light yellow liquid is very valuable and useful. This is the only product that can fully provide the newborn with immune cells and proteins, which will be enough for the next six months, because the protective function of the body will be strengthened only after the expiration of this time. The unique substance albumin, contained in the colostrum, establishes the work of the gastrointestinal tract, preparing it for further independent nutrition. It is colostrum that tunes the process of digestion of food, promotes the emergence of meconium.

A large number of immunoglobulins in early milk protects against the viruses and infections of the intestines, lungs and nasopharynx. It also has a balanced composition of vitamins and essential micronutrients necessary for the full growth and development of the baby, it is easily digested, in spite of its high nutritional value, protects against the occurrence of allergic reactions, removes excess bilirubin from the liver and reduces the risk of jaundice in the baby. Thus, the colostrum contributes to the early adaptation of the newborn in the external environment, it has a beneficial effect on the functioning of its nervous system.

How to properly feed a child during colostrum?

During this period it is especially important to realize the importance of feeding. Newly mum should be with the baby as much as possible, to ensure contact of their own body with the newborn. It is recommended to practice feeding in different positions, preferring a lying position. In addition, care must be taken so that the baby does not tilt his head or turn it to one side. Of course, the first feeding can be a real test for a woman, but gradually it will become familiar and will cease to cause any inconvenience. The main thing is that the baby gets a useful colostrum, and does not eat artificial mixes from the first days.

In this period, it is important to teach the baby to suckle properly, so you have to concentrate on the technique, not on the amount of milk consumed by it. Opening the mouth widely with a crumb, you should serve the breast, trying as deeply as possible to insert the areola. In the process of sucking it is recommended to support the head and press the tip of the spout and the chin to the chest. When there was colostrum, do not limit the children in food. It is better to apply to the breast at the first request.

The mammary gland should not be squeezed and squeezed to avoid clogging the ducts. For this, it is worth to wear free clothes and clothes. During feeding, a woman does not need to press her breasts with her fingers, if necessary, it is better to support her hand from below. In addition, decant colostrum is inappropriate, because it will very quickly lose its healing properties.

Women should understand that there is no need to wash their breasts after or before each feeding. Means for bathing can repel the baby. Therefore, if Mom believes that it will not be superfluous to wash the gland, it is desirable to abandon the use of soap or shower gel. But the best way of processing is to squeeze out a drop of colostrum before applying and lubricate the nipple.

During the selection of special milk, the child learns to suck the breast properly, digest food, adapts to external conditions, so the more patiently mother will treat it, the better it will be for the baby. The task of the woman at this time is to teach the newborn to take the breast properly.

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