When to buy things for a newborn

When is it better to buy things for a newborn?

Purchase time

Usually, after learning about pregnancy, women do not rush to buy children's things. They, on the contrary, try not very much and advertise the fact of the most interesting situation. Whether it is not enough that! Most often, children's shopping moms are engaged in a month or two before delivery. Others prefer to do this little by little, after the first stirring and determination of the sex of the future baby.

And there is a category of women who in the old fashion believe that you should not do this before giving birth, believing that this is a bad omen. Well, no one does it. But do not pull with the purchase of essentials until the birth itself. After all, if they start, then there's no time for you to run to the pharmacy and the store. What you need to take for the baby in the maternity hospital, you should be prepared in advance. It is better, if after 30 weeks of the term, all this will be ready. At the same time, you can go shopping to know approximate prices, product range. Sometimes stocks in supermarkets allow you to buy diapers and other necessary things for children cheaper.

Some women do not fundamentally engage in children's shopping, trusting this to their husband or delegating an important process to future grandparents, the godfathers. And this is also an option. But in such cases it is necessary to take care of the fact that many identical children's things do not appear in the house. Today we no longer need 30 diapers, because children are immediately put on sliders and blouses. In order to correctly distribute purchases among close, future mothers, it is worth making a list of things that would not be financially burdensome for loved ones. Such a shopping guide should be detailed.

What to buy and where

At the very beginning you need to decide on the purchases themselves. Do not buy many things of the same size. Children grow quickly. And even things in the hospital (sliders, caps, blouses) quickly become small. The child sometimes some bought things of caring parents can not put on several times, as they are already small. Quickly grow up children of body-boys and hats.

For the first time you will need a few thin and flannel diapers. It's in the hospital. Also it is worth buying a few raspashonok, blouses with a long sleeve. As for the sliders, the option with buckles on the shoulders is not quite convenient for changing the baby's diaper. Chepchikov should be several. Thin more, and warm can buy two. As for diapers, pay attention to the size. Buy two packets & bdquo; units & rdquo; - you will not lose. And then follow the weight of the baby and buy the appropriate size.

The blanket should also be two: warm and thinner. At first, two warm suits, too, will be enough. We need a warm walking envelope.

Important purchases - hygiene products. It is better to give preference immediately hypoallergenic. Some manufacturers do not specify this item on the packaging. To bathe the baby on the first day in an adult bath is not recommended.

The choice of baby baths - light and beautiful - today is huge!

A cot for a child. The stroller. These important things are better to buy with a man. Still, on the mechanical side, women are not specialists, they are struck by a beautiful sight, and they opt for such things visually. A stroller must be reliable, strong, comfortable. Preference should be given to options with removable summer and winter baskets, multifunctional. Mosquito net, a thermo-pocket on a carriage - additional conveniences for mum and the kid.

Sometimes parents buy and used strollers, if their quality and condition suits.

As for the place of purchase. Today young mothers prefer to order things on the Internet. This is convenient because it is cheaper, and the delivery provided by the online store will not burden you with unnecessary troubles. You will receive your order within a short period of time. So, after sitting at the computer a bit, you can make a profitable choice and purchase. But many mothers prefer to touch everything, see with their own eyes, ask the seller.

If the child is second, then surely the first left a lot of things. Then the youngest you can buy only the most necessary. When exactly it to do - each family solves for itself separately!

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