When you can go to the bath after birth

How and when can I bathe in a bath after childbirth?

If you observe some simple rules, then visiting a bath will only benefit the weakened body, help restore strength and relax.

Through how many after birth can you go to the bath?

It is impossible to answer such a serious question unequivocally. With the natural birth process, when you avoided the seams and cuts, experts strongly recommend mothers to suffer about eight weeks, until the postpartum discharge completely ends, as heat can provoke internal bleeding, longer lochia. In addition, the genitals are very similar to an open wound, and there is a huge risk of infection.

If the birth took place by Caesarean section, the woman will have to forget about visiting the bath for a long time. After all, within two months after the operation, doctors are not allowed even to take a bath, so you have to limit yourself to showering and rubbing. Each new mother has a different recovery process, but in any case it is possible to steam only after full healing of the joints.

In folk medicine, the answer to this question is quite different. Healers and sorcerers believe, that visiting a steam room after giving birth will bring only beauty and health to a woman. High temperatures relax the muscles, relieve pain and speed up the process of discharge of secretions, have a beneficial effect on the entire body and the emotional state of the young mother. But it is better to listen to the opinion of qualified doctors in order to avoid all sorts of complications.

A huge role in the duration of the period of abstinence from the bath is played by how often a woman was soared before delivery and immediately during pregnancy. If the mother until the time of conception often relaxed in this way, then after healing of the sutures and birth gaps bath procedures can be resumed. For example, if the last time she was soaked three months before the birth of the baby, then you can again conduct the procedure after the same time after giving birth. But it happens, that the representatives of the fair sex decide to visit the bath for the first time. In this situation, it is worth waiting for the end of breastfeeding and only then get acquainted with this type of rest to avoid pathological changes in the mammary glands.

How to secure yourself during the procedure?

In order to make the trip to the steam room deliver the maximum benefit and joyful emotions that have just given birth to a woman, one must adhere to certain rules for staying at high temperatures. First of all, you should refrain from a very hot bath. It is recommended to start using dry steam and stay indoors for no longer than three minutes.

With all the desire to jump into a cold pool or snow from this will have to give up, to avoid blockage of the ducts in the mammary glands. It is allowed to pour water on the body, avoiding the area of ??the breast. In this case, the body should not be supercooled.

It is especially important to spend time in a pleasant company of girlfriends, a husband or join a group of newly-born women who relax under the supervision of an instructor. It is necessary to avoid self-finding in the bath. The organism that has experienced childbirth can react in an unpredictable way to sudden temperature changes, so there must necessarily be other people nearby who, in case of loss of consciousness or dizziness, will help a woman to get out into the air.

The upper shelves in the steam room are absolutely not for recent childbirth. It is recommended to be placed as close to the floor as possible. Do not lie on your stomach to prevent overheating of the nipples. It's better to lie on your back, sit on your buttocks. Besides, You need to take a towel with you so that the body does not come into contact with bare boards.

With prolonged exposure to high temperatures, there is a significant loss of moisture in the body. Newly mum should drink more and before going to the bath, and after it. It is allowed to drink water without gas, fruit drinks,teas, homemade compotes.

Steam procedures enhance lactation, so it's better to immediately attach the baby and use both breasts. If there is no possibility to feed the child, then it is worth to express some milk. Also, many are advised to release the mammary glands before going to the steam room.

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