Whether it is possible to do or make a lamination of eyelashes at pregnancy

Can I do eyelash laminates during pregnancy?

What does the procedure for the lamination of eyelashes

Lamination of eyelashes is a cosmetic procedure carried out to give fluffiness, gloss and lengthening. According to cosmetologists, it is useful in that it helps to strengthen the structure and moisturize the cilia. And well-groomed cilia have an extraordinary brilliance, expressively emphasize the eyes, riveting the glances of others.

The skin around the eyes during the procedure is not exposed to harmful reagents. And because pregnancy is not an obstacle to the implementation of lamination of eyelashes. At the same time, the procedure not only produces a wonderful cosmetic effect, but also has other positive properties:

  • restores the structure of the eyelashes;
  • stimulates growth, strengthens and makes the eyelashes elastic;
  • eyelashes receive extra food, which helps to stop their loss;
  • Only natural ingredients such as vitamins, minerals, oils and other organic substances are used.

The lamination method is considered safe and does not harm the mother and child. The composition of the substance used does not come in contact with the mucous membrane, which prevents its absorption into the blood.


But you should consider some restrictions related to the period of pregnancy. Problems can arise during the period of hormonal changes in the body at the very beginning of pregnancy, as a result of which some components may be rejected. Therefore, there may be no positive result in the first trimester. There are, in particular, such risks:

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  • no bending of the eyelashes, or can turn out strongly curled cilia;
  • uneven staining;
  • complete lack of lamination effect.
  • It is desirable to carry out the procedure in the last weeks of gestation, and best of all - before the birth of the child. Since then there will be not enough time for full-fledged care of your own appearance. And lamination will help to retain the effect of beauty and well-being for a long time. Moreover, the use of decorative cosmetics can provoke various problems associated with the ingestion of chemical components into the body.

    But, like any other procedure, lamination of eyelashes can be contraindicated during pregnancy. In particular, there are such contraindications:

    • individual intolerance, allergy to the components of the mixture used;
    • surgery for the eyes;
    • eye diseases (barley, conjunctivitis), various inflammations, trauma.

    If these contraindications are absent in a pregnant woman, then it is better to laminate than to dye the eyelashes daily, feeding the mucous and the skin around the eyes with harmful cosmetic substances, or to build up.

    Before the procedure, the master should be informed of his position. An experienced, competent specialist will conduct tests for allergies and will carefully perform manipulations, gently stain the hairs of the cilia, to prevent paint from getting onto the mucosa and skin. For the procedure for a pregnant woman, the amount of pigment, contained in the paint, can be reduced, or selected natural components.

    In conclusion, it should be noted that the lamination of eyelashes to a woman in position can be performed in accordance with the recommendations of specialists. Recall that the greater effect of lamination can be achieved at the last period of pregnancy. Harm for the health of mother and child from a painless and safe procedure will not, but only the mood will improve, psychological comfort will increase, which will affect the well-being and body condition. In this case, you can choose any shade that is close to the color of your own eyelashes.

    To minimize all risks, it is better to carry out the procedure in a good salon from a trusted master. Luxury eyelashes, even without special daily care will please my mother for a month.

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