Whether there are monthly at an ectopic pregnancy

Whether the monthly with ectopic pregnancy?

What is pregnancy outside the uterus, and can go monthly with a gynecological abnormality?

Pregnancy outside the uterus is a pathological complication that is characterized by the fixation of a fertilized egg outside the uterine cavity.

Depending on the location of the fetal egg, an ectopic pregnancy is allocated:

  • tubal;
  • neck;
  • abdominal;
  • Ovarian.

The full development and bearing of a child is possible only in the uterine cavity. In other cases, the outcome of pregnancy is predetermined - it is impossible to bear and save a child. In other words, with the implantation outside the womb, the woman will lose the child. But the danger is not only this. Gynecological anomaly can lead to female infertility (infertility), and in some cases pregnancy outside the uterus can threaten the life of a woman. Taking into account all the dangerous consequences of the pathological process, it is important to recognize the danger in a timely manner and take measures to eliminate it. Probably, this is why women are interested in whether there can be critical days for anomalies?

From the first days of conception in the female body, certain changes begin to occur, and, first of all, it concerns the hormonal background. In this period, progesterone is actively being developed, which is very important for the normal course of pregnancy, so the onset of menstruation is impossible. But in the early stages of pregnancy, women often have spotting from the vagina. Such symptoms can not be called monthly, but they can be a sign of gynecological pathology.

The main cause of bleeding in ectopic pregnancy is the rupture of the tissues of the organ in which a fertilized egg is fixed.

But not always spotting is a sign of pathology. In most cases, women have blood during the implantation period during pregnancy. But this phenomenon can not be called bleeding, since the amount of such secretions is insignificant, they are also called "smears". Also, this symptomatology may be absent during the implantation of the fetal egg.

What selections should alert a woman?

The nature of ectopic "menstruation" can be very different. But the main thing is that the appearance of bleeding during pregnancy outside the uterine cavity does not coincide with the normal period of the menstrual cycle. In addition, the composition, color and consistency of bloody discharge also differ from the traditional monthly.

Allocations in pathology are more scarce or, conversely, much more abundant than with menstruation. In addition, they differ in color and consistency. With ectopic pregnancy they are thick and have a dark brown color.

If a fertilized egg is entrenched in the cervical region, then the discharge will be long and abundant, since there are many blood vessels in this place. The best outcome of an ectopic pregnancy is rejection of the fetus, which is characterized by a small amount of blood, stretching pain in the lower abdomen and in the perineum.

Symptoms of rupture of the fallopian tube are acute and severe pain, profuse bleeding. In this case, specialist assistance and immediate operation are needed. Dark brown "menstruation" with ectopic pregnancy can testify not only about the rupture of the tissues of the organ in which the egg has been attached, but also about the damage to its shell with subsequent exit. In this case, the pain is of a short-term nature, and the output is fast enough. However, in order to avoid complications, it is necessary to clean (scrack) the uterine cavity.

If, in pathology, there are excretions that resemble natural ones in nature, then this can be the first disturbing signals of the rupture. If the time does not resort to the help of doctors, then the development of infection and inflammation of the peritoneum (peritonitis) is possible due to the ingress of blood and mucus into the abdominal cavity. A woman needs to understand that in an abnormal pregnancy the presence or absence of false "monthly" still does not allow to save the baby.

Do not rely on the case and do not delay the visit to the doctor if you have uncharacteristic symptoms for pregnancy. Do not forget that the period after conception is a sign of a pathological process. If the pregnancy test showed two bands, but at the same time you have blood - immediately go to the doctor. Today, medical and surgical treatment is used to solve this problem.

Can pregnancy be prevented outside the uterine cavity?

A healthy mother gives birth to healthy children. There are no specific rules that could prevent an abnormal pregnancy. However, doctors recommend that you carefully monitor your health and treat all diseases in time, especially in the pelvic area.

Summing up!

Any bloody discharge after conception signals a pathological process in the body of a woman, which means that a doctor's consultation and medical examination are simply necessary.

Timely elimination of the problem can prevent the development of many complications and save the life of a woman. In addition, modern methods in most cases allow this to happen without a threat to the health and life of the patient.

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