White discharge during pregnancy

What do white discharge mean in pregnancy?

If you found yourself not having a white selection earlier in your body, then this may be a sign of several reasons. One of these reasons is pregnancy itself, or rather the sign of its onset. This may shock and surprise many, but the fact remains. Doctors explain this by the fact that during pregnancy, a cork of mucus forms on the cervix of the uterus, which additionally protects the developing fetus in the womb, why the vaginal discharge becomes somewhat more abundant. Such discharge is normal during pregnancy and should not serve as a cause for concern.

Normally called the allocation of milky white mucus form, without a pronounced odor, unusual before. Such discharges do not cause anxiety, either to pregnant women or to everyone else. They do not irritate the skin of the genitals, do not cause itching and burning sensation and, with proper hygiene, are not noticeable at all.

The only thing that should pay attention to the future mother, so this is that by the end of pregnancy, normal discharge can become more abundant. Immediately before childbirth, often in the mornings, a pregnant woman may notice an increased amount of secretions, which are called precursors of childbirth. If such discharge is not accompanied by pain, then there is nothing wrong with that. The time of delivery has not yet come. However, if the clear secretions dribble within a few hours, it is probably water. In this case, postpone the visit to the hospital is not worth it.

Pathological refers to those discharges that are accompanied by fungal, bacterial or infectious diseases. Such discharges require immediate treatment to a specialist and subsequent treatment.

So, if you notice a strange selection of greenish, gray or other color, while having a specific fishy smell - immediately consult a doctor. These signs are typical for such diseases as: bacterial vaginitis, trichomoniasis, yeast infection. Little of, that all these unpleasant symptoms cause anxiety to a woman - they are also sexually transmitted. The health of you and your future baby depends on how quickly you react to the situation. Self-medication is not recommended - to confirm the diagnosis, the results of tests are needed, so it will not solve this problem independently. And it is not necessary, given that you are wearing a baby. During pregnancy, the risk is not welcome.

If you contact a doctor on time, he will give you the right treatment, after which the excretions come back to normal and do not cause any worries. In all other cases, in particular with normal discharge, treatment is not required. Moreover, it is impossible to get rid of them, and it is not necessary. Moreover, after delivery, such discharge stops naturally, and during pregnancy are a normal sign.

As you can see, there is very little to worry about because of the discharge. Therefore, do not worry and do not worry before the time, listen to your body more closely, and most importantly, in complete tranquility, analyze the situation and draw a conclusion. If you can not determine the nature of your discharge yourself, you can visit a gynecologist who will determine them unerringly. In any case, keep the common sense and calmness, you can not experience during pregnancy. And for all the questions you are interested in - there are always answers, you just need to look. Be healthy and happy!

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