Why a child hiccups in the womb

Why does the baby hiccup in the stomach and what to do about it?

What they are different, these feelings of butterflies in the abdomen! Here he put a leg, or is it a pen? But he drummed right on the stomach. And here, as if decided to mum zaloskotat & hellip; But there may be very strange movements: either spasms in the abdomen, or rhythmic tapping, or jerking, which sometimes last for half an hour. Definitely, any mom will be concerned about this behavior of the baby, and when she learns the reason - will amuse. A baby in the womb can hiccup! Yes Yes. For real! How touching & hellip; But is it not dangerous? And most importantly, why is this happening?

To this day, studies on this subject have not been conducted and the opinions of doctors are divided. In one they almost all agree: hiccup for the baby in the womb is absolutely safe. Although there is a group of specialists who hiccups consider a sign of hypoxia, that is, oxygen starvation. However, the same doctors calmed down: the presence of the hiccups is not the main symptom of hypoxia. If it is added to it, frequent, harsh, painful stirring of the crumbs, then it is worthwhile to see a doctor. You have to do cardiotocography, that is, to measure the activity of the uterus and fetal heartbeats, and you will be assigned ultrasound by examining the fetal blood flow and the placenta. And only after the results are diagnosed. However, practice shows that almost all hiccup babies were born without signs of hypoxia.

But there are other assumptions of intrauterine hiccups. In fact, hiccups - an arbitrary rhythmic contraction of the diaphragm. It occurs in the case when the vagus nerve is "clamped", which connects all the internal organs of a person. As a result, the brain sends a signal to the diaphragm: release it with "jerks". That's probably what happens to the little man in my mother's tummy. And the hiccups testify to that, that the central nervous system of the baby has already fully formed, since it controls such processes. So if your karapuz "stutter" - rejoice for him.

It is also said that hiccups occur when the baby accidentally swallowed more than normal amniotic fluid. And sometimes the sweet-mommy is to blame for this. I ate a sweetie, but the baby likes it too, so I swallowed it, and then I had to poke out all the extra hiccups.

Perhaps with the help of hiccups the baby learns swallowing skills or prepares for independent breathing. After all, many doctors assume that in this way the fetus trains the diaphragm and the lungs.

Do all the children hiccup? No, not all. Or not every mother hears or discerns the hiccups of her crumbs. However, this does not count as a deviation. Hits your baby or not - it does not matter. The main thing, so that he was comfortable and comfortable there. And if the future mother is disturbed or gets endless hiccups, then try not to pay attention to them, or try to negotiate with your puzozhitelyem. It is unlikely that he will listen to you, but the attack of his hiccups will pass for you unnoticed, if you switch to a conversation with his beloved karapuzikom. And the more so hiccups are manifested already in the last two months of waiting, so very soon you will hear the same hiccups, but not in the belly, but next to you on the bed. After all, newborn babies also hiccup. But in the outside world, they have other reasons for this.

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