Why after birth appeared many birthmarks

Why did many birthmarks appear after childbirth?

Reasons for the appearance of moles

In order to understand what causes the birth of birthmarks and birthmarks, you need to know what the given education is. According to dermatologists, the birthmark is an accumulation of the pigment of melanin in an increased amount in a certain area of ??the skin. It arises under the influence of ultraviolet rays, under which a person gets, while in unprotected places in sunny weather, as well as when visiting the solarium. In the formation of melanin in the human body, the endocrine system takes part. Therefore, the consequence of the slightest hormonal changes may be the appearance of new moles.

As you know, at pregnancy in an organism of the woman there is a hormonal reorganization, and she does not cease to proceed during lactemia. Therefore, very often in the postpartum period, a woman can have birthmarks on her body. Some changes may be minor, there will be only a few spots, and a woman may not even notice them. And at others on a background of a hormonal splash a large number of birthmarks and birthmarks can form on the skin of the whole body. In any case, moles are not considered a disease, and when they appear, there is no reason to worry. It is not recommended to remove moles yourself!

There is also a kind of moles, like a nevus. It is already a more voluminous formation, towering above the skin, of a dark color. In themselves, nevi are not painful and do not cause unpleasant sensations. In rare cases, with permanent trauma, nevi can be regenerated into cancer, which is why it is better not to touch them and not try to remove them at home.

When should maternity appear, contact a doctor?

If you have birthmarks or nevi after birth, which are amenable to frequent traumatization or friction, then to prevent complications it is better to make an appointment with a dermatologist. Also, if several or even one birthmark begins to grow, increase in size and eventually rises more and more over the skin, it is worth to visit a doctor. Qualified specialist after the examination and the results of the survey will appoint a method by which you can get rid of pathologically developing moles and nevi. Often this is surgical excision, cryodestruction or laser or radio wave removal of the formation. The patient will be assigned to undergo an uncomplicated and short-term therapy until the scar heals. Such treatment is necessary to prevent infection of the wound.

Prophylaxis of moles

Completely prevent the appearance of moles on the body after the birth of the baby is impossible. After all, changing the level of hormones in the body is a natural process that is necessary for reproductive function. You can only follow certain measures, they will help you significantly reduce the number of formations that are able to appear.

To do this, it is enough just to be less in the sun, because in the open areas of the skin, birthmarks are the most. The face, neck, decollete area, arms, legs - those parts of the body, which a person reveals in hot weather. Try to be more often in the shade, do not walk under the scorching rays, or wear light clothing that closes the body from the sun as much as possible - so you can protect yourself from the appearance of new birthmarks. And the sun's rays in large quantities, and especially at noon, are not useful for the human body.

But still, if birth marks appear on the body, this is not a cause for concern. Do not scratch them and do not try to fight on your own. When the birthmark appeared in an uncomfortable place and constantly interferes - the doctor will tell you how to get rid of it.

Let your moles be your distinctive feature and only adorn your body!

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