Why do hair fall out after birth

Why do hair fall out after birth and what should I do?

What could be the causes of hair loss?

To eliminate this problem, you need to find out its real reason. Therefore, women should constantly listen to their own body and respond in a timely manner to any negative changes. Many future mothers can not get enough of the state of the head of hair during pregnancy. The curls become more dense, lush, and the skin condition improves swiftly. This is all due to the most serious restructuring of the hormonal background, which begin to occur after conception. In the blood, the level of estrogen significantly increases, which is the reason for the accelerated growth of hairs.

But how strong is the surprise when, after three months after giving birth, there is no trace of a lush hairstyle. This leads to the fact that the body gradually returns to its previous state, and the number of hormones improving the appearance decreases. The most terrible thing, that some newly mummies lose about thirty percent of the vegetation on their heads. But do not panic, because this is normal. When the functioning of all systems and organs is normal, the strands will cease to shatter before the eyes.

Also, it should not be forgotten that after giving birth, women begin to breastfeed. No matter how rich the diet was at this time, the majority of micronutrients will still enter the baby's body with milk. Therefore, it is important to control the level of vitamin D, iron, phosphorus and magnesium. If these substances are absent in food, then it is better to purchase special drugs that restore balance. To hair loss can lead and developed after childbirth anemia, so if there are any signs of it, you need to immediately seek help from a polyclinic.

However, there may be other reasons. The rhythm of the life of newly mums is radically changing, and now they must devote their time to a growing baby. If at first it may seem that caring for a baby does not cause difficulties, then gradually a woman loses sleep, rest and her own hobbies. As a result, the body is in a state of extreme stress, which negatively affects the appearance of the head of hear. You can not abandon yourself because of the baby. Mom should ask for help and support from relatives and at least occasionally get enough sleep, go to beauty salons and massage. Do not interfere and pleasant communication with friends, which will raise the mood and help to forget about all the troubles.

How to improve the condition of the head of hear after childbirth?

First of all, you need to visit an endocrinologist or trichologist and pass a series of tests that will help to make sure that the problem is not related to poor health. If, nevertheless, any ailments are detected, it will take some time to take prescribed medications. Especially guard should be that the curls continue to crumble, even after the expiration of twelve months after childbirth. In addition, it is necessary to thoroughly revise the daily menu and include in it saturated with useful minerals products. Vitamin complexes such as Elevit, Vitrum Forte, Perinatal multi-tabs will not interfere.

You should also avoid using an equalizer and a curling iron, since weakened hair will begin to crumble even more intensively if this recommendation is disregarded. About the hair dryer, metal barrettes and tight elastic bands will also have to be forgotten. It is equally important to choose a soft comb that will not damage the strands. In addition, it is necessary to take a responsible approach to the acquisition of shampoo and a variety of lotions. It is better not to save money on hair products, since full-fledged care guarantees that the problem will be eliminated in the near future.

But from self-prepared masks should be discarded. The fact is that after the birth many products can provoke the development of serious allergic reactions. The only thing that is allowed to use is decoctions based on chamomile, nettle, onion husks and oak bark. They will help to strengthen weakened locks and accelerate their growth.

And, of course, the newly mum should protect itself from all sorts of stressful situations. Every woman tries to give her baby more love, care and warmth, but do not do it to the detriment of one's own health. If there are relatives nearby who can watch a couple of times a week, then you need to take time to sleep and relax procedures.

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