Why do you need a fluorography of a husband during pregnancy?

Why do you need fluorography?

Briefly about fluorography

This examination allows you to get complete information about the condition of the lungs and heart. That is why gynecologists at the planning stage of pregnancy recommend that women go along with other studies and this.

It is worth recalling that not so long ago pregnant women were strictly forbidden to do a fluorography. But today many future mothers undergo this examination without complications and any consequences. At its core, fluorography is an X-ray examination that allows you to clearly consider the shadow image of the lungs and heart, identify abnormalities in them as tumors, infectious foci, structural changes. That's why therapists require their patients to undergo fluorography on a mandatory basis. It is also necessary as a component of medical examinations, commissions in military commissariats and in other cases.

Surely everyone knows that in the process of conducting such a diagnosis of the heart and lungs, the human body receives a certain dose of radiation. If he is healthy, then it is completely safe.

At conception in the female body a new life is born, and the embryo is constantly growing, developing. His cells are divided. The impact on them of X-rays can disrupt the development of the fetus. That is why it is forbidden to carry out fluorography in the early stages of pregnancy, when the vital organs of a future child are being formed.

On the fluorography of the future father

In our time, tuberculosis is a dangerous disease, which is very easy to get infected. And the easiest way to diagnose it is just an X-ray examination. That is why they appoint him and the future father, demanding that a pregnant woman bring an appropriate certificate.

And even in women's consultations may require a fluorogram of those relatives or loved ones with whom the future mother lives together. And this is also done in order to protect the pregnant woman from all risks.

Of course, no one will force this to do it. A husband may refuse to undergo fluorography by writing an appropriate application. It may also be that a woman gives birth without a husband. In that case, there is also no one to demand a certificate from anyone.

And yet the health of the unborn child requires a responsible approach from the responsible parents and reinsurance. It is better to undergo a fluorography and to secure the future baby, rather than later regret it.

So, the above survey can reduce the risks of tuberculosis infection of the baby's future. Therefore, he is appointed to the future father.

On the dangers of x-rays during pregnancy

Sometimes it happens that a woman has to undergo such examination, not yet guessing about the "interesting situation". If this happens in the first or second week of pregnancy, then on this occasion you should not worry. At the earliest date, the fetus is quite reliably protected.

When this survey was conducted from the third to the twentieth week of pregnancy, then a woman must necessarily show genetics. He will give the delivery of certain tests. Do not worry right away. Not the fact that such a diagnostic procedure will lead to fetal development abnormalities.

Most doctors are confident that future moms can safely do fluorography in case of need, without fear for her negative impact on the baby. At this time, the risk of pathologies is minimized.

In addition, today you can go through a digital survey. It exposes the female body to the least radiation.

And in the process of fluorography, a pregnant woman is protected by wearing a special lead apron: it protects the uterus from irradiation, although everyone knows that this female organ is located below the lungs and does not fall under the direct rays of the X-ray.

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