Why does a streak appear on my abdomen during pregnancy?

Why does a streak appear on my abdomen during pregnancy?

The appearance of the strip on the abdomen is individual. Someone does not have it at all, some have a little noticeable, others have a clearer one. This is a consequence of hormonal changes in the body of a pregnant woman. In particular, in the formation of the band involved sex hormones estrogen and progesterone. They provoke the secretion of another hormone, melanotropin, responsible for the production of cells that impart a dark color to the skin. Due to pregnancy, this pigment is distributed unevenly throughout the body, which can cause pigmentation spots in different places: on the face, back, hips, in the area of ??skin folds, on the abdomen. By the way, because of these hormonal changes, some expectant mothers have hair on their stomachs and almost all have darkened sucking mugs.

Also, doctors explain the appearance of the strip on the abdomen of pregnant women in that in this area, exactly in the middle of the abdomen, there is no muscle tissue, and the connective tissue is located. As the abdomen grows, the skin becomes more and more stretched and thinned, and as a result begins to "shine through" which we observe in the form of the formation of a band in this "thin" place. Such changes are not dangerous and completely reversible: under the influence of hormones in the body of the future mother, a lot of temporary changes occur, which after the birth gradually return.

Most often, if a strip on the abdomen and appears, it occurs in the late stages of pregnancy - about the seventh month. However, there is no reason to worry about the presence or absence of such a band in you, a later or earlier manifestation of it. It is noteworthy that women with light skin and hair are less prone to the appearance of a dark strip on the abdomen during the period of gestation. At the same time, there is evidence that such an "attribute" appears in about 90% of women waiting for a child, and with each subsequent pregnancy the band is more vividly expressed.

An interesting fact is that in every pregnant woman the strip is quite different in color and concentration, although more often when it appears light, but with time it grows darker, becoming brown by the end of the term. The same applies to the location. It happens that it passes through the entire abdomen, although most often the strip is located only from the navel to the pubis. By the type and duration of the pigmentary band on the belly of the future mother, people even try to guess who will be born: it is believed that the women with a woman's hatching band are darker and longer, while future mothers do not go above the navel and are not very saturated. Also, many argue that if a strip on the stomach appeared, then you should expect the appearance of a son. If there is no band at all, then everything points to the birth of a daughter. But do not believe this myth too much, since many years of research have noted that the strip on the belly of the future mother, its pigmentation, width and location have no effect on the fetus.

The appearance of a hormonal strip does not provide any action on your part - this is a natural process. After childbirth, within a few months she will disappear herself. However, there are cases that the streak remains on the woman's body and for a longer time. Sometimes it only becomes skin color after a few years. Unfortunately, except patience, there are no other ways to get rid of the strip for today. It is possible only to slightly reduce the color saturation of the pigment band. To do this, the expectant mother should not abuse sunbathing. But completely avoid the appearance of a strip on the stomach, if it is due to the nature and features of your body, it is impossible. And even more so you can not remove it by any means whatsoever.

The main advice - do not worry during pregnancy because of the changes in your body. All this is a normal process, which was invented by nature, and through which already billions of women have passed. Do not wind yourself about the strips on your stomach. If there are any doubts, consult a doctor. Your experiences can have a negative effect on the fetus, so take care of your nerves.

Health to you and your child!

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