Why does the loin ache in early pregnancy

Why does the loin hurt in the early stages of pregnancy?

Painful sensations in the lumbar region predominantly appear for physiological reasons, which are associated with numerous changes in the body. This is not dangerous for the health of a woman and her future baby. Therefore it is necessary to understand, what exactly provokes such pains:

  • In the very first weeks of pregnancy the body is already beginning to gradually prepare for the fact that the fetus will constantly increase. First of all, the structure of the spine in the lumbar region changes, since after a short period of time the entire load will go to this department.
  • The sacral department undergoes changes in the sixth week. Over time, it becomes much more elastic, so that a woman in the future does not feel a strong discomfort from the pressure of the weight of the child on the spine. In this period, painful sensations appear periodically and do not affect the general well-being of the future mother.
  • The uterus begins to increase considerably in size and rises a little higher, which is why the loin is in great strain.
  • Approximately at the tenth week of pregnancy, low back pain is associated with rapid growth of the fetus, which causes a sharp jump in the load on the entire body. At this time, the woman does not have time to get used to the severity of the abdomen, when walking, for convenience, you have to bend your spine too much.
  • In the last days of the first trimester, the ligaments begin to intensively stretch under the pressure of the child. These feelings create a strong discomfort, but there should be no cause for concern, because this is a natural process.

But not always the pain in the lower back is harmless. A woman in a position may have significant health problems that she does not even know about. If you do not find the reason in time, then the threat is not only a pregnant woman, but also her baby. Therefore, it is necessary to understand what diseases can trigger the occurrence of acute or aching pain in the lumbar region:

  • Violation of the stool, namely, constipation. This problem is quite common, since the digestive system of a future mother stops coping with heavy, too fatty and harmful food. Therefore, doctors always recommend that women reconsider their diet and switch to a healthy diet during pregnancy.
  • An exacerbation of osteochondrosis or radiculitis. In cases where before the conception the girl suffered from problems with the spine, as the fetus grows and develops, the situation can only worsen. It is important to inform the doctor in time so that he can give specific recommendations.
  • Hypertension of the uterus at early stages of pregnancy is quite dangerous for the future child. The pain is present not only in the lower back, but also in the lower abdomen. If the time does not give meaning to these symptoms,then miscarriage or fetal death may occur.
  • Myositis. This disease can affect various muscle groups, but most often the lumbar region is vulnerable. When physical activity, changing the position of the body and even walking, acute pain occurs.
  • Symphysite. The first symptoms are unpleasant sensations in the region of the pubic articulation, which gradually increase.
  • Violations in the work of the kidneys. They can be caused by various infections that are characterized by frequent urination, back pain, increased body temperature and severe weakness.

At the first symptoms of any disease, you should consult your doctor as soon as possible and begin treatment. Pregnant women who have problems with the spine, can be appointed wearing a bandage, medical gymnastics and pain medications.

In addition to the above reasons for the occurrence of low back pain, they can also lead to an active lifestyle and increased exercise during pregnancy. Future mums should, first of all, think about their child and understand that excessive loads can injure muscles and ligaments, lead to a significant depletion of the body. But if a woman lies on the couch on the couch and spends a little time on the move, then this is not very good for the back. Therefore, it is important to find the golden mean.

In conclusion, you can confidently say that the pain in the lower back in the early stages of pregnancy can be associated with anything. You should pay attention to any changes in your health and do not delay the trip to the doctor. In such an important period of life it is always better to be safe.

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