Why in pregnancy do you want a sweet

Why do you want a sweet pregnancy?

Benefits and Harms of Sweet

Cakes, sweet buns refer to energy products due to the content of a large number of carbohydrates. But the calories in large quantities contained in such products do not saturate the body, do not bring benefits. During their consumption, adipose tissue is deposited, which leads to an increase in the weight of the fetus and complications in the generic process. The baby may have an allergic rash after birth. If you are too hungry to eat a cake or a roll, it is important to consider the permissible amount of carbohydrates consumed in a certain period of pregnancy. So, in the first half of the term, up to 450 g of daily allowance is allowed, in the second half you can consume not more than 400 g. Instead of rolls, nutritionists recommend eating chocolate, which contains many useful components (vitamins B, A, sodium, iron, etc.). They have a positive effect on the body of the future mother and child. After a woman consumes chocolate sweetness, the baby in the womb feels a pleasant taste, which comes with amniotic fluid.

But it follows from the second trimester gradually reduce the consumption of sweets. It is desirable at this time to eat vegetables and fruits, which contain more useful substances than in sweet or chocolate products. It is useful to eat carrots, apples, honey, berries, including frozen, dried fruits. Of course, chocolate quickly raises the mood and calms, but it may contain unimpressant preservatives and colorants. Therefore, it is better to refrain from such dessert, but to cook sweetness at home. It is important to know that an overabundance of eaten sweet can cause a sharp drop in blood sugar level.

An alternative to shopping sweets

Specialists recommend pregnant women to prepare sweets at home. Today, there are a large number of recipes for dishes that can be consumed within reasonable limits. One of the useful and delicious homemade desserts is ice cream, which is made from yogurt and fruit. Useful properties include homemade pasta from dried fruits, kozinaki from oat flakes, honey and nuts, fruit jelly. If there is an acute desire to eat sweet during pregnancy, it is possible that the expectant mother experiences stress, stress. In such cases, one should not tirelessly eat sweet foods, but try switching to useful things. It is important to receive in the process of work more positive emotions, which are transmitted to the baby in the womb. If before you did not know how to do something, then try to realize your dreams. For example, learn how to make toys with your own hands, sew a blanket for a future baby, clothes. To find employment on interest today it is simple and practically accessible to each woman. In particular, you can enroll in swimming, that will help to cope with stress and relax as much as possible. It should be more often to go for walks to fresh air, which will be useful for mom and baby. Listen to your favorite music, start painting. All available pleasures are not harmful to the health of the child and the future mother, do not cause allergies, excess weight gain and other problems.

Recommendations of experts

For proper nutrition, a balanced diet, it is important to listen to expert advice:

  • sweets containing harmful preservatives and ingredients, replace fruits, berries , honey;
  • consume nuts, occasionally allowed marmalade, marshmallows, fruit jelly, whole-grain crackers;
  • dishes, in order to preserve their natural properties, should be steamed, preferably in a double boiler;
  • Fruits cook without using sugar.

Get more positive emotions from your favorite activities, which will significantly reduce the desire to consume sweets. Try to look for more reasons for a happy, happy mood, which will be very useful for your body and baby. Pregnancy of a woman is one of the main and most joyful events in her life, which gives an occasion to be constantly in a great mood.

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