Why pierce the bladder before delivery

Why pierce the bladder before childbirth?

Bubble puncture without fights

Often the opening of the bladder in the fairer sex causes insurmountable excitement due to ignorance. First of all, it is necessary to disassemble in which situations it is impossible to do without this procedure. In any case, the woman in childbirth should understand that if the doctor has reported the need for an amniotomy, then it is strongly discouraged to refuse.

It is often necessary to pierce the bladder because of the threat to the life of the baby. The most common indications for manipulation are gestosis and the threat of Rh-conflict. Also, the evidence includes the presence of serious violations in the functioning of the kidney, hypertension and diabetes. Quite often specialists are forced to call birth in this way with fetal hypoxia and a delayed pregnancy, the death of a baby in the womb.

There are also possible cases when fights are so weak and unproductive that the future mum simply can not give birth without an amniotomy. In this situation, the cervical dilatation is inhibited, and the baby can not appear. And amniotic fluid, in turn, contains prostaglandins, which significantly enhance labor activity. Therefore, a decision is made to puncture the bladder. If the desired result did not work out, then the woman is given special drugs that activate the contractions.

The most painful thing for future moms is how to handle this manipulation. As already mentioned, to fear an amniotomy is absolutely not worth it. First, the medical staff treats the sexual organs of the woman with antiseptic means, and also gives her an anesthetic pill. Further, the doctor neatly widens the vagina and slowly introduces a special tool, which is a kind of hook. He grabs a bubble, then the midwife carefully pulls it on himself until a rupture occurs. Then, the woman in childbirth is observed for half an hour and, with a positive outcome, the bouts begin.

Serious complications in the puncture of the bladder are rare. This procedure is carried out only in case of emergency, only with the permission of the future mother. The specialist is obliged to report on possible consequences, such as prolapse of umbilical cord loops, weak palpitation of the baby, opening of bleeding, intrauterine infection (very rare), hypoxia of the fetus. And most importantly, that from the moment of opening the bladder before the onset of labor, it should not take more than twelve hours. As you know, the baby can not stay without water for a long time, as this threatens his life.

It's painful to piercea bubble before childbirth?

The rupture of the bladder is absolutely painless, since the nerve endings are completely absent from the fruit shell. Moreover, manipulation in most cases lasts only a few minutes. But in fact, always the woman's fear is higher than the explanation of the midwives, and there is a spasm of the muscles of the vagina. At this time, the woman in childbirth should not move so that the specialist does not injure her from the inside.

If during the manipulation of the future mother will still be able to relax, then there will not even be the slightest discomfort. The only thing you can feel is the flow of fluid from the vaginal cavity. Therefore, it is really important to tune in to the amniotomy and trust highly qualified specialists who clearly do not want to harm.

As already mentioned, the puncture of the bladder is carried out exclusively on necessity, and if a woman is informed about this, then she should not at all refuse to manipulate, as this threatens the life of the baby.

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