Why pregnant women can not iron cats

Why pregnant women can not iron cats

Caution to the account of cats is due to the fact that these animals can be carriers of parasites that cause human toxoplasmosis. This infection can be transmitted from the cat during the "harmless" stroking and is able to inflict harm on the fetus. Therefore, doctors advise to check the cat for toxoplasmosis and be calm, if the animal disease does not come to light. But if you do not have a cat, then during pregnancy you should not start it. There is reasoned opinion that a cat who has lived in a house for a long time already has developed immunity for its inhabitants, and the disease will not pass from animal to person.

What is toxoplasmosis? This is one of the most common infectious diseases, which poses a threat to future mothers. Statistics show that people with toxoplasmosis in different countries vary from 4 to 68%. One infant out of 1000 is infected with toxoplasmosis. Its causative agent - Toxoplasma gondii - is an intracellular parasite. The mechanism of development of this parasite is complex and the result of its development is the appearance of oocysts with a dense shell. Oocysts live in the environment (soil, sandbox) for about six months.

But the source of this parasite is not only cats. Toksoplazmozom it is quite real to get infected from 180 species of animals, the closest to the person of which are rabbits, dogs, hamsters, rats.

Many doctors have a special opinion about the possibility of catching this disease from cats. This is what it is based on. Toxoplasmosis is also a disease of dirty hands, in which the pathogen of infection is transmitted through dirty food or hands. Yes, cats and cats are considered manufacturers of cysts of toxoplasm, but not always. After all, your four-legged friend should be infected with toxoplasmosis, and according to statistics, only 2% of cats are affected. In addition, the period of toxoplasma release with faeces in infected animals occurs only once in their entire life, and then for 7-21 days. In this case, the toxoplasmic cysts must enter the gastrointestinal tract of the pregnant woman. How will they get there? Most likely, if the future mother has contact with the feces of an infected cat. What conclusion does one suggest? Pregnant should not take care of a cat or a cat, and it will be more correct to delegate such care to the husband or other members of the family.

Doctors say that the frequency of transmission of infection to the fetus depends on how long the infection has occurred. If the infection of the mother occurred in the first trimester of bearing the child, it will lead to infection of the fetus in 14-17% of cases. And the earlier the woman infected with toxoplasmosis, the worse the prognosis for the health of the future child. The frequency of transmission of this infection to the fetus increases with the period of pregnancy. Thus, in the third trimester of gestation, infection of the fetus is 60-65% of cases. But then the degree of harm for the future child is not too pronounced. That is, most newborns whose mothers have contracted toxoplasmosis in late pregnancy will not have symptoms of toxoplasmosis. By the way, Diagnosis of this disease in our time is carried out by various modern methods.

So, the love of a pregnant woman to animals still has its risks. And risk her health, and even more health of her future child, she has no right. Therefore, it is better to avoid contact with cats, much less strangers and street people. For your own peace of mind it is recommended to check your pet for the presence of this infection. Take care of yourself and be careful in everything!

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