Why put ice on your belly after birth

Why put ice on your stomach after giving birth?

About contraction of the uterus after birth

During pregnancy, the weight of the future mother increases due to the fact that the uterus grows, its walls are stretched, thereby creating comfortable conditions for the fetus. After delivery, the uterus begins to gradually return to its original, prenatal dimensions. To make this process happen faster, the woman is put on the stomach of ice. It's easy to guess that the cold causes muscle contraction. A womb is a muscular organ. Under the influence of cold, it begins to decrease, shrink.

In some maternity hospitals, a bubble with ice is placed on the stomach immediately after the appearance of crumbs into the light. In others, this continues to be done during the entire stay of the woman in the hospital, 4-5 times a day for 5-10 minutes, wrapping the bladder in a clean diaper. In some maternity hospitals, such manipulation is no longer practiced, because it delivers a maternity discomfort, has a small local stress.

To speed up the reduction of the uterus, women are also advised to lie down on their stomachs several times a day.

A special postpartum corset (bandage) helps to contract the muscles of the uterus and the anterior abdominal wall. He perfectly copes with the contraction of the sagging stomach, helps a woman to regain her former forms. Today, newly mummified mothers are offered a huge selection of bandages. They are universal, that is, both prenatal and postnatal, which you just need to turn backwards before the appearance of crumbs into the light. There are corsets in the form of grace, cowards, belt. Whichever type of product a woman chooses, it can be worn already the day after delivery and worn, taking breaks and gradually increasing the time spent in the bandage. Use it is recommended for 6-8 weeks after the appearance of crumbs to light, in order to quickly get in shape, eliminate back pain, often worrisome for young mothers.

About the condition of the skin after childbirth

During the period of carrying out the crumbs, the woman has a subcutaneous fat accumulation. This is facilitated by hormonal changes that occur in the body. The amount of fat deposits increases in the area of ??the hips and abdomen, which protects the fetus from external influences. After giving birth, the largest number of stretch marks appear in this area of ??the body. They are also called stria. Prevention is the best way to deal with them. It should begin as early as during pregnancy, in the second half, when the parameters of the abdomen noticeably increase. It is recommended to lubricate clean skin before bed with olive oil, lightly rubbing it. The same can be done after childbirth. Some women use Kontratubeks cream to improve the condition of the skin after childbirth, struggle with stretch marks.

But to reduce fat deposits young mother will help rational nutrition and feasible physical activity. Specialists in breastfeeding recommend eating small portions, often with the exception of high-calorie and fatty foods. In principle, this is the basis of the diet of any woman with lactation. Rational nutrition, rather than a strict diet, will help to establish a normal production of breast milk and reduce fat deposits in the abdomen, hips, buttocks.

It is important to maintain the right drinking regime, because often we feel the sense of thirst for hunger, desire to eat.

As physical exertion in the first two weeks after childbirth walks with crumbs in the open air, and then you can begin to perform morning exercises or exercise at a convenient time. Their intensity and duration should be increased gradually, listening to well-being. In 2 months after the birth of a baby, you can resume or start full-fledged classes in the fitness club - they will help to finally remove the "ears" from the sides, reduce the waist and hips, make the skin more elastic. It would be nice to go through a massage course. Anti-cellulite creams and wraps will also help to bring the skin and body in order.

Self-renewal of old forms is the best option for breastfeeding. However, some ladies resort to more radical procedures, for example, abdominoplasty. What, this is a private matter for every woman.

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