Why the head is spinning during pregnancy

Why dizzy when pregnant?

Causes of pathology

< p Vertigo in the bearing of a child can arise even in absolutely healthy women who, before the onset of an "interesting situation" with such a problem, did not come across. Pathology requires a serious attitude, one can not neglect it, hoping that soon everything will pass by itself.

Poor blood flow to the brain and oxygen deficiency are one of the reasons for this problem. That is, dizziness in the early stages of pregnancy can occur when a woman is in a stuffy or smoky room. In this case, the situation is resolved simply: you need to go out into the fresh air, lie down, breathe deeply with your nose. The position in which the legs are above the head, helps improve blood supply to the brain.

Another reason for dizziness is a sharp rise of a woman from a horizontal position. Then the blood from the brain goes away too quickly - and there is a minute oxygen starvation. Therefore, getting out of bed is necessary slowly and calmly, first sit down, and then go up.

In the second half of pregnancy, the cause of the pathology can be a posture, lying on the back, and squeezing the resulting lower vena cava as a result.

A sharp drop in glucose intake in the body also causes dizziness. This with a pregnant woman happens with a long break in eating, dieting, or, conversely, excessive interest in sweets. When they suddenly cease to enter the body, dizziness is a kind of protest, a requirement to satisfy a sweet habit. Therefore, in order to avoid this, it is necessary to reduce the amount of carbohydrates consumed to a minimum, eat four or five times a day.

Frequent cause of dizziness is the osteochondrosis of the cervical spine. Vessels and capillaries are pinched, they can not in normal mode supply the brain, and in times of interruptions, the woman feels the illusion of movement of surrounding objects. The exit can be self-massage, performing special exercises for the head (if the work of the future mother is sedentary, and she has to stay in a static position for a long time).

Very often the cause of pathology in the early stages of bearing a child is iron deficiency anemia. The baby takes many nutrients, minerals, including iron. And if in the female body it comes in insufficient quantity, then it is necessary to introduce in the diet garnets, beef liver, buckwheat porridge, dried apricots, apples. These are good and affordable sources of iron.

How to get rid of dizziness?

First of all, a woman in conjunction with a doctor should find the cause of the problem. Usually gynecologists at complaints of the patient on a malaise prescribe the analysis of a blood. This determines the presence or absence of iron deficiency anemia. If the result of the study shows that the hemoglobin in the future mother is really below the norm, the doctor recommends her correction of the diet or prescribes iron preparations.

When it's all right with hemoglobin, it's worthwhile to reconsider the way of life. It is necessary to eat a balanced diet, spend more time outdoors, so that the body does not lack oxygen: it is necessary for the fetus for healthy development and tranquility.

It is worth to do swimming, yoga or special gymnastics for pregnant women, if the woman's work is office, sitting. Body warm-up, regular, significantly improves blood flow, eliminates stagnation in the cervical collar zone, helps to avoid osteochondrosis.

If a woman works a lot, and she knows that the cause of the pathology is in chronic fatigue, it is necessary to take leave for at least a week to sleep, get enough fresh air and enjoyable for the soul.

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