Why the navel emerges during pregnancy

Why does the navel come out during pregnancy?

When does the navel begin to crawl out?

This mainly occurs on the 24th week of pregnancy or later. The child begins to grow actively, and this causes the distension of the abdomen of the future mother.

Slender girls navel can not change their appearance absolutely. Perhaps it will not be so deep, but it will not turn into a bulging button. If you have recovered during pregnancy or have not managed to get rid of excess pounds before it, most likely, the navel will increase significantly, but there is nothing to worry about. No need to panic and get nervous about this. Moreover, it can slightly differ in color with the rest of the skin throughout the body due to the accumulation of pigment.

Why does soreness appear in the navel area during pregnancy?

There are several reasonable explanations and reasons for this phenomenon:

  • Due to the gradual expansion of the uterus and the growth of the future child, the internal organs of the mother and their joints are displaced. The navel ring is enlarged, the skin is stretched. Therefore, a woman can be disturbed by minor pain.
  • It is important to keep an eye on the general state of health because severe unpleasant sensations and heaviness in the navel area may indicate a hernia. This is a rather complex problem, and the risk of its occurrence is great. The attending physician may prescribe wearing a bandage and special creams. A pregnant woman, in turn, should monitor the regularity of the stool. In the presence of an umbilical hernia, you must not allow constipation.
  • If the pain does not forget about itself, it is likely that the woman has appendicitis or intestinal infection. With these diseases, unpleasant feelings are accompanied virtually all the time. As additional symptoms, you may experience severe nausea, fever, diarrhea.
  • Much depends on the physical preparation of the future mother. If before pregnancy she regularly went in for sports or just kept herself in good shape, then the abdominal muscles are very trained, and soreness in the navel area will not disturb her. But if the sedentary lifestyle was the woman's best friend, then it is unlikely that this problem will be avoided.
  • The female body takes a long time to completely change.
  • Pain may be present if the digestive system is not working properly.
  • It happens that in the summer because of the intense sweat secretion there are unpleasant sensations.
  • Acute pain and a number of other symptoms can talk about developing ulcers. Before conceiving a child, it would be necessary to undergo a complete examination and be cured - this will protect the future mother from negative consequences.

It's impossible to get rid of this problem completely, but it's realistic to alleviate the pain. To do this, you need to spend a little more time on the move, more often go out into the fresh air and be sure to eat fiber. Outside the house, when there is no possibility to lie down for a rest, it is better to wear a bandage. Also, all experiences and stresses that clearly do not benefit the health of the future mother and her child should be ruled out.

Piercing in the navel: to shoot or not to shoot?

There can not be an unambiguous decision in this issue. But, of course, the earring is better to remove during pregnancy. Firstly, during the ripening of the fetus, the navel will increase in size, and the piercing will look at least unaesthetic. Secondly, there is an increased risk that the puncture will spread, and infection can easily get into it.

Also wearing an ornament in the navel can cause a rupture and a high level of discomfort. If the piercing was done before pregnancy or in the first trimester, the healing will take a long time, possible suppuration, which have a significant health hazard.

If it is difficult to abandon the earring, it is often necessary to flush the puncture site and monitor its condition in time to notice any changes. Before the birth, the decoration in any case have to be removed.

Doing piercings in the second and third trimester is strongly discouraged. The desires of pregnant girls are often rash and can create a number of problems. Try to postpone it until the baby's birth and restore the shape of the navel.

In conclusion, the navel of future mothers crawls out for natural reasons, and worry about this is absolutely not worth it. Light pain will accompany you for more than a month, so keep an eye on their intensity in order to get help from a specialist in time. After birth, the appearance of the navel will quickly return to normal.

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