Why there are bruises on the legs without a reason after the birth

Why do bruises appear on the legs without a reason after giving birth?

On the formation of bruises

Such unpleasant spots on the skin arise from the rupture of capillaries, that is, small blood vessels. From them, blood seeps into the nearby tissue layer. There is a bruise. It visually looks like a blue or brownish spot. Over time, the bruise turns yellow, turns green, decreases in size. It is noticed that bruises pass faster in the upper part of the body. But in the lower they heal longer. That's why the bruises stay on their feet longer because the blood pressure is stronger there. The ruptured vessels are constantly bleeding.

It should be noted that the condition of the skin on the legs largely depends on the state of the vessels. If they are brittle, brittle, then bruises will occur often and for no apparent reason. It looks very unesthetically.

About postpartum bruises in women

They may appear for no apparent reason. During the period of gestation the female organism undergoes enormous loads, changes. Their consequences also appear after childbirth. Hematomas are one of these manifestations. Provoke them after the appearance of the baby to the light can such states:

  1. Avitaminosis.
  2. Thrombophilic disorders.
  3. Taking certain medications.
  4. Hemorrhagic diathesis.
  5. Varicose veins.
  6. Liver disease.

Varicose disease is one of the most common causes of bruising on the lower limbs. This is a vascular disease that occurs for mechanical reasons in most cases. It's about excess weight, sedentary work, great physical exertion on the legs. Also, the cause of varicose veins may be hormonal imbalance. Pregnancy, by the way, combines all these reasons. The weight of the future mother increases and creates an increased pressure on the crotch, legs. Walls of veins under this pressure lose their elasticity. They are stretched, which leads to dysfunction of the venous valve apparatus, stagnant and inflammatory phenomena. These are bruises that appear as a result of microcirculation disorders.

How to get rid of hematomas after birth

Finding bruises on your limbs, it is desirable to apply a cold compress to them at once. Cold narrows the dilated vessels, reduces pain, relieves swelling. And this accelerates the disappearance of hematomas. As practice shows, a good effect produces ointments with a body and vitamin K. Excellent has proven itself and ointment Sinyak Off. It speeds up the restoration of the skin, reduces the size of the hematoma.

From home remedies, you can recommend a pack of onion gruel with sea salt. Such a tool should be applied to the feet several times a day.

But what to do with hematomas on the legs is absolutely impossible, so it's rubbing, warming, massaging the damaged skin. Such manipulations only exacerbate the situation, because the vessels are more traumatized.

If the cause of the appearance of bruises is avitaminosis, then the administration of multivitamins will help to correct the situation.

When starting postpartum varicose, it is recommended to use venotonics. These are special preparations that strengthen the walls of blood vessels. Local therapy with ointments Lyoton 1000, Varicobuster, Hepatothrombin is also shown; wearing medical jersey. It tones and supports the veins.

If thrombophilia is detected, doctors prescribe drugs for women that reduce blood clotting, and a diet that reduces blood cholesterol.

If the cause of the appearance of hematomas after delivery was hemorrhagic diathesis, then it should be treated with corticosteroid drugs. When the bruises became a manifestation of liver disease - you need to take hepatoprotectors.

So, treatment of bruises on the legs of newly mummies begins with proper diagnosis. This is the responsibility of the phlebologist. Based on the results of the analysis, the history and complaints of the patient, he diagnoses. Then the doctor selects the treatment scheme for the woman, considering whether she feeds the baby with the breast. Do not start the problem with hematomas after childbirth. At the initial stage, any disease is treated more effectively.

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